In this day of extreme digitalization, business strategies have undergone a sea change. Gone are the traditional in-house marketing campaigns and physical outdoor marketing tools like hoardings, billboards and pamphlets. Everyone uses a Smartphone and access almost all functionalities through it. Little wonder then, that the internet has become a very powerful medium to influence people. Marketing through this powerful medium rakes in fantastic results as it reaches the customer directly to a hand held device. Since there is such intense competition, with businesses vying for the customer’s attention, the quality of your marketing spiel needs to be top notch and what better way to ensure the best campaign that to take the help of professionals.

Internet marketing companies abound in the market and each one promises you the stars, in the hope of attracting your business. One might be tempted by the lofty promises made or the cheap packages offered. But is there a way of checking if the company whose services you want to engage, are perfect for you or not? If you do a bit of research and background verification, you can identify the best company to look after your marketing work.

9 ways to tell a good marketing company from a bad one.

#1. Should be an established name

If it is your first time engaging an internet marketing agency, it is better to choose a well-known brand in the field of marketing. Obviously, they are well known because their work must be good. Only the best can survive for long in this field of marketing, so your money will be well spent if you choose someone who can deliver. A bad internet marketing agency may offer you the stars for a lesser price, but without necessary expertise, it will be a waste of money.

#2. A large team with experts in various fields

Newbies in the field may try to lure you with a great sounding package, but if they don’t have a large team with experts in various fields, you will not get a comprehensive marketing plan. A great choice would be an agency that has experts in all the requisite fields of marketing. There needs to be great understanding of the market situation and what drives your type of business or service, your competitor survey and study capability, creative design and appealing content makers, and as said before, a large in house team to take care of every nuance of the marketing campaign from design to delivery. A good agency will definitely not outsource any of your work to different experts.

#3. Should have digital expertise

Choose a marketing agency that is well versed in the digital sphere. Many a time traditional marketing agencies, promise you digital marketing packages without having the necessary digital expertise and this ends up not only too expensive but with substandard results. Understanding the digital arena is essential and will give you pin pointed results with best value for your money.

#4. Data analytics should be their main stay

Apart from mere digital expertise, a good internet marketing agency will have a deep knowledge of data analytics. Data mining and analytics is crucial to your success in this digital era. Data about your prospective client base, their preferences and choice making dynamics, your competitor survey, traffic analysis, influencer techniques and other such skills are required if your business is to benefit by engaging an internet marketing agency. Without such capability, it would be a bad choice on your part.

#5. A great marketing team

Marketing is basically selling a dream – identifying the customer’s needs and influencing them to pick your product or service from amongst many competing brands. The craving for your product should be created in the minds of your customers and a good marketing team will be able to design a wonderful idea with content and great story telling abilities. Their team should have both creativity and a head for business and analytics.

#6. Knowledge of your customer base

Another way of telling a good internet marketing agency from a bad one is to check if they have done work in a similar field as yours. They might have done a great marketing job in one field but that doesn’t necessarily make them the best choice for you. Since the market is so huge and diverse, knowledge of your sphere of operation is very important.

#7. Have a passion for their work

What makes a good internet marketing agency stand out from the bad ones is the passion for work. The team should be geared up for the project and enjoy designing, creating and implementing the marketing plan.  Enthusiasm makes them take pride in their work and you can rest assured that they will give you the best possible ad campaign.

#8. Real time response

Make sure to ensure that the internet marketing agency you choose is capable of giving you real time response. Advertising and marketing in the digital age needs close monitoring and we have to be really quick with our responses and change of plans based on the actual scenario. Customers, queries must be answered and concerns addressed immediately, otherwise social media will erupt with negative feedback. A good agency will have dedicated personnel sieving through responses and feedback and will guide you on what responses will benefit your product.

#9. A belief in continuous professional development

And finally a good internet marketing agency will invest in continuous professional development to keep its team abreast of the latest developments in the field of digital marketing. This field is dynamic and every day there is a scope for improvement and innovation and if one wants to rest on one’s knowledge of how things are done, you would be left far behind in the race to the top. So check what kind of learning they have done for the agency and the team members in the recent times and whether this learning is in the relevant field that you require.

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