Looking to increase the time a user spends on your site? Low session duration raises bounce rates and gets in the way of conversions. The time spent by users on your site is a clear indication of how they feel about it. If users leave your site without taking the time to use or enjoy its features, something is clearly amiss. After all, leaving visitors raise bounce rates and dent conversions, ultimately cutting profits. If you want to succeed with the time-spent metric, it all depends on the nature of the content being offered. For long articles, average time spent on a page needs to correspond and vice versa. As a business site owner, you need to make sure users stay long enough to see what’s on offer and actually make a purchase.

#1 De-Clutter Your Site

Tidying up your site is all about having a clean layout and easy navigability. An average web user spends just a few seconds on a site before making the choice of staying or leaving. This is a short time window in which one needs to be convinced to stay. Cleaning up the website design is critical for this purpose. Check the fold area of the site in PC/Mac or mobile view. The most important content needs to go up. Users should be able to see the useful segments of the page when they land on the site. Keeping the website design free and de-cluttered can help users to focus and (most vitally) stay on the site for longer.

#2 Improve Page Readability

So many website design professionals talk about the need for improving page readability. But what does this actually mean? While many websites are difficult to read, some are actually easy, with large font sizes, lack of unnecessary scrolling, and easy-to-read information on the screens and browsers. Break larger paras into easily readable portions. Your content should have multiple sections, lists, headings, paragraphs and indents at all the right places.

#3 Why a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Smart website design is also about providing powerful images. Images are one of the most engaging forms of web content. Humans tend to focus on pictures for powerful visual stimuli. Thousands of high quality images, illustrations and vectors can be found on the net. Optimising images is very important too. Make sure you use HD pictures, which are larger in pixel size, density and file size. This can impact the page speed of your website and the time people spend on visiting it directly. Creating customised graphics is also a great way to build a sustained viewership.

#4 Add Videos For An Interactive Experience

Users across the globe focus on watching videos, and with the latest trends indicating there are over billions of YouTube viewers visiting this site every day, it’s clear that this marketing medium is a powerful one. Videos engage, interact and impact viewers. Adding videos to your page will boost engagement and increase the time users spend on site.

#5 Generate Quality Links Internally

Each article or page on your site must have a lot of internal links. People will not visit pages until these are linked to. It is essential to make this a habit as bounce rate decreases as a result. Internal linking is excellent for site SEO and no plug-ins or external tools need to be purchased for this. Linking to relevant pages and articles on the site in this context makes sense. It’s at the heart of intelligent website design.

#6 Upgrade Your Content

Top bloggers as well as online marketers use this strategy to sustain viewer attention. Users get the chance to access bonus content by performing an action. This action includes sign ups for the mailing list, registering for free accounts,  or even completing a questionnaire. Such content upgrades can bait users and bring back loyal customers, boosting conversion rates simultaneously.

#7 Engage With Your Audience

Comments have become the gold standard to judge user engagement. These are also easy to implement on any website. Website designs come with inbuilt comments as well. Users need to feel valued and asking them their personal opinions or what they think can be a useful way to engage with them. Nothing is as powerful as a good story and if it’s inspirational or positive, there’s a greater chance of it going viral. People need to succeed in their goals. Giving them the space to share this success on your site can help your business connect with customers.

#8 Boost Credibility

Ultimately, users want to know if they can trust your site. Add real photos, and bios as well as testimonials for attracting readership. Linking to your social profiles can also establish and build influence. Trust marks like BBB ratings, secure site signs, awards and certifications for your site give users a sense of confidence.

While you may have the perfect website design, remember that users will eventually leave after making a purchase. Give users a chance to become subscribers and connect with them. Increase the time they spend on your site. Targeting leaving visitors can decrease the bounce rate of the site considerably. From calls-to-action to lead generation tactics, there are so many important steps to take if you want to improve the user session duration.

Perhaps the most important of these is to secure the services of a professional marketing and digital services provider. The professionals in the business have the analytic tools, resources, knowledge and skills to help you cultivate the correct user persona and guide decision making for increasing the time people spend on your page.

Your website design needs to have all the elements of aesthetic appeal, flawless functionality, hi-tech features and intuitive user interface if you want users to spend more time on a page. Now browser issues are one reason for lack of traffic interest. Consider that even browsers like IE make up 25% of the total website traffic, according to some estimates. So, while working on SEO is important, the basics should be in place too. Your site is the ultimate marketing medium and making it work to your advantage is up to you.

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