RankBrain, Google’s AI-based algorithm is set to become critical for the success of any website design on this popular search engine. Organic click-through rate or CTR definitely impacts search engine rankings. Its influence is stronger than before. A click-through rate along with dwell time are the key aspects that this Google algorithm focuses on. The greater the count of clicks one attracts with search results, the likelier it is that Google provides a ranking boost. So, how does one increase the CTR by using web design? Responsive, intelligent and smart designs can change the way the website appears to viewers.

  • Including the Personalised Touch

One of the first factors to take into consideration is adding the personal touch. The perception that content is king continues to rule. Content marketing is increasingly expanding in importance each year. While severe and extensive competition has taught marketers to write compelling, in-depth, engaging, educational and fun-filled content, there’s plenty of auto-generated or irrelevant content as well. Opinion-based articles serve to humanise brands. Adding words that give a personal touch permits the creation of website content that resonated with consumers and impacts click-through rates positively. Sharing the experience and reflecting the personal perspective in the content matter when it comes to click-through rates.

  • Tap The Value of Google’s Featured Snippets

Reaching the top of search engine rankings just got easier. But even if the business website ranks on the top, organic or natural search results require the user to scroll down. What is at the top are featured snippets. This is another reason top ranking sites experience traffic decline. The CTR for the organic result for the  of the featured snippet falls below 20 per cent. When it comes to tapping Google’s organic opportunities. Being diligent with keyword analysis and identifying ways to move into the featured snippet categories are another way you can boost CTR rates.

  • Stand Out from the Crowd

Besides featured snippets, there are more ways to be distinct, too. Brackets, digits, symbols such as &, % and @ in the titles draw attention to the snippets and improve click-through rates. Studies have found headlines with digits draw twice as many clicks as against how-to guides. Odd-numbered headlines show a 20% more chance of CTR as against headlines having even numbers.

Your Pathwwway Ltd website design must also incorporate features like brackets for headlines as this gives a 38% higher CTR. But always remember that search engine rankings and results are a competitive place to be in. Before publishing the article, you need to study the Google SERPs for keywords being targeted. Suggest new ways to attract attention.

  • Generating Quality Backlinks

Organic CTR is definitely the ratio of organic clicks to  the impressions, but remember that you need the impressions to start with. Some impressions draw fewer clicks. This is where backlinks are essential. Top-quality domains point to site signals to provide your website a boost.

  • Moving Past Just the Backlinks

If your website is at the top, RankBrain is what determines and influences your ranking. Now the focus is on CTR and also dwell time. One needs to work on increasing the time viewers spend on the page. Dwell time is influenced by these factors.

Firstly, content that examines topics in-depth is more likely to engage visitors and lower bounce rates. Additionally, the website design needs to be such that the content is simple to scan. Break content into paras and add heading, images, subheadings, GIFs, memorable memes, bulleted or numbered lists, tables and/or graphs. Dwell time also increases if visitors spend a couple of additional minutes watching videos.

Experimenting with font work can also stand you in good stead. Do a lot of research and refine fonts, check font sizes, evaluate font colours and examine the paddings to meet the requirements head-on. Using simple words, sentences that are easily readable and combine these into short paras. Putting sentences together as stand-alone paras makes text simpler to read.

Required dwell time along with higher CTR lead to a positive search engine ranking across time. Organic click-through rates impact the rate of clicks and eventually affect sales. RankBrain is showing the way and is set to become the more critical factor in replacing backlinks. So if you want to tap user-engagement and responsiveness signals, it is important to consider CTR.

  • Implement Structured Data

Structured data or schema markup is a key component of rich, interactive content found on Google SERP. For example, you can select from a carousel of images on search engines like Google for specific search queries. Social media sites such as Twitter and reference sites like Wikipedia have long used schema markup. It adds just the right touch of interactive colour to SERP results and is an industry standard. Without structured data, you can be invisible on the new internet.

  • Use Compelling Graphics

Pictures, videos and graphics are worth a thousand words when it comes to CTR. In fact, images increase click-through rates online and on social media channels exponentially. Including original, relevant and visual content is the key to effective websites.

  • Use Descriptive URL

Your website design and structure are vital. The website’s page URL is essential for long-tail keyword implementation. Your URL path, length and categories are impacting search results. While publishing posts or web pages, it is essential to categorise and sub-categorise these. There are more keyword opportunities and it raises search engine visibility.

  • Mobile-First Designs

Over the past 5 years, Google has shifted to mobile-first approaches. Mobile searches have steadily increased since 2011, overtaking desktop as the preferred search method. So mobile-first and responsive web design is the key to creating more visibility online. It has led to a shift in the way search results are presented. The context of what we search for on mobile devices depends on the location. Google’s search algorithm has accounted for this. Proximity is critical in search engine rankings from 2015 to 2017. The localisation of content is the key to CTR success, as is mobile-first web design.

  • Balances Images and Copy

Your web design also needs to balance images and copies. A page full of long words cannot offer what a mixture of descriptions, videos and images can. To balance the images and copy with the videos is the key to success. Over 90 percent of viewers feel videos are more compelling than white papers.


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