Creating a website is an important part of establishing your business. Easy access to services and products you provide is important. But a website is so much more than just that. Creating a website and providing a superb user experience/UX or exceptional user interface/UI is essential in this context. This serves to add value to the browsing experience and provides an effective UX and interaction. So, how does a professional web developer improve UX and UI? Here are the most vital ways in which a website can shape how users perceive your business and your brand.

#1 Focus on Sites That Are Responsive and Mobile-First

Smartphones drive traffic to websites in a far greater percentage than any other device. The growth of smart devices makes it essential for the site to be a responsive one. For serving the needs of mobile internet users, having a responsive site is critical. Professional web developers also focus on ensuring quality sites incorporate the responsive element. This provides an outstanding experience to users. Responsive design testing tools also need to be in place, so the site appears perfect, irrespective of the browser, screen size or device used.

#2 Speed Up The Page Loading Time

Skilled web developers work on fast page loading time. The best user experience results as a consequence of this. This is due to one simple reason: Slow loading times cannot hope to capture the average attention span. As technologies are advancing, attention spans are lessening. A website that is too slow frustrates clients and hampers conversions. Page loading time is also a critical concern in helping users choose if they will further visit the site. If they lack a positive experience, they may choose to opt for a competitor site. Research, in fact, shows that if a site takes more than three seconds to load, users shift their attention (and browsing preferences) to another website.

#3 Not Compromising on Site Security

Users build a sense of trust if they are assured of the safety of payment details on the site. Through robust site security, one can gain an exceptional UX/UI for users. A security seal or trust badge only serves to raise client commitment levels. The more clients can trust you and the more credible your brand is, the higher the rate of conversion and revenue generation would be.

#4 Drive Conversion through Efficient Site Structure

Another sure-fire recipe for web developer success is to use organisational tools and work on a site structure that is navigable. Bullets help users get quick and relevant information about key features of services and products in which a business deals. Use images to convey deeper meaning and organise the site in a layout that is neat, simple and de-cluttered. For example, using a combination of bullet points and image optimisation,  you can get faster loading speeds and better readability. A study by Pathwwway Limited.  found conversion rose by 20 per cent through the use of bullet points.

#5 Use Attractive Calls-To-Action And Sustain User Interest

Calls-to-action need to be attractive, appealing and catchy. This is because the essential aspect of a website is its ability to foster conversion and ensure a positive user experience. Calls-to-action need to be placed above the fold, so these are easily viewable as well as clickable. Providing a call-to-action button that is easy to find and react to enhances UX/UI and the entire experience of not just browsing your site, but trusting your brand also.

#6 Use Colour to Brighten Up The Site

There’s a lot more to designing and developing a site than just coding. You also need to choose the right colour theme. Colour is important because the right shade could boost conversions and different shades evoke different messages.

#7 Work on Motion and Animation

Another ingredient of a successful web experience is using the right type of movement and animation. Subtle animation can attract users towards the call to action. Animation is also essential for boosting interaction with the site and displaying all the notifications you need, so that you can communicate well with prospects.

#8 Use an Innovative Menu

Generally, a web developer will understand the value of menus that are well organised. For example, hamburger menus are in huge demand for boosting user experience, as they indicate there is something users are not seeing. This requires users to discover more about features and functionalities of sites being visited. This menu is an easy way to engage with clients and contribute to conversions ultimately.

#9 Use Quality Images and Videos

While a picture is worth a thousand words, optimized images are what effective web development is all about. When using images, the focus should be on opting for high-resolution images that enable a deeper connection with the site. Stock images are not as effective, because the aim should be to hold user attention. While images are important for engaging with clients, so are videos. A professional and capable web developer can work on short videos which present product features through content. Videos can easily make people understand key features of products or services.

#10 Debugging is Vital

If your client faces a 404 error for search, this gives users a less than better user experience. Users may expect to land on a specific page, but if they encounter errors, they can leave the site at once. This is an area you simply cannot compromise on. Maintenance, troubleshooting, debugging – it’s all part of effective web design and development for better UX/UI.

#11 Use Negative Space Wisely

A top website developer also understands how to help users to focus on different elements of the website using white or negative space. Creating a balance between content length and white space on the site is important.

#12 Developing a Consistent Site

Developing a consistent site is the key to UX and UI enhancement. Right from the headline to the colour theme, buttons, and more, the experience needs to be a unique and distinctive one. The digital landscape is growing at a remarkable pace and new innovations such as AI and machine learning are making a difference to user experience as well. Chatbots, push notifications and sophisticated data analytics have made websites hi-tech and website development a job for the professionals.


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