These days, every business needs a certain advantage. This goes double if the business is based online. One of the ways businesses can get ahead in their digital marketing campaign is through the use of celebrity endorsements. To use celebrity endorsements effectively for your digital marketing brand, you need to understand what it is and how it works. There are right and wrong ways to carry out celebrity assisted marketing, and not everyone can meet with success. How do you use the cult of celebrity to tap the potential of your digital marketing campaign? Read on to learn more.

The Power of an A-List Celeb

Celebrity endorsement is useful for digital marketing on the web. This powerful digital marketing technique is excellent for growing your business, raising the sales and boosting your visibility and presence online. If a business is based online or used as a web marketing tool to get real-world customers, using celebs to endorse your campaign, product or service offers more benefits than you can imagine.

Using the internet as a medium for spreading awareness about celebrity endorsements is a hi-tech way to reach a wider audience. Celebrity digital marketing is the process through which the celeb’s image, endorsement or use of a service or product convinces other people to purchase the product or service. Digital marketing using celebrity works differently from print media endorsements. For example, those who opt for online marketing using celebs may see their audience responding to a different idea of a celebrity as opposed to actors, singers, entertainers and sports figures generally considered.

The Power of Influencers & New Age Celebs

Influencer marketing is the latest phenomenon to hit the internet marketing scene. Through this, the internet marketer leverages the network of industry experts, brands and thought leaders. Influencer marketing leverages the power of highly regarded and influential figures who are the new age celebs.

How to get Celebrity Endorsements

Depending on the type of celebs you need for your brand, you can make the right choice based on finding someone with influence in your particular area of interest. Publicly declaring the preference and talking about the use of the product is important. Celebs are asked to endorse products for large amounts of money.

Some celebs will only endorse a product they believe in while others will endorse almost anything if the price is right and it suits their image. For marketers to harness the charm and influence of a celeb, one needs to see if the celeb is willing to endorse the product and his/her terms and conditions.

Celebrity Branding

When it concerns celeb branding, there’s a lot of power in a celeb attaching a name to a service or product. It works well both ways. The brand gets the benefit of being associated with the influential celeb. On the other hand, the celebrity also gets the benefit of being linked to the top of the line brands. For example, actors may be spokespersons for leading brands and attend events like the Cannes Film Festival to promote that particular brand.

For digital marketers, celebs can lend their names to product lines. Thus, you have the Yeezys associated with Adidas, a leading sports brand. So singers, actors and entertainers like P.Diddy and Rihanna have been associated with the shoes. Another great idea is to create a signature collection in the name of the celeb. Thus, you have the Martha Stewart Collection. The list goes on.

Celebs permit names to be attached to products and their images. Promotions and commercials for the product will also be carried out. When it comes to digital marketing, celeb-branded products are sold online. For this reason, internet celebs are generally used. This includes YouTubers, bloggers and commentators online.

Celeb branding is carried out by a host of companies from Nike to Apple, Disney, Microsoft and many more. When it concerns celeb marketing and using influential brand advocates, the pay cheque is as important as the quality of the product.

Influencer marketing works no matter what size the company is. Celebs need to be added to the mix, because now they are relevant more than ever. This includes not only film stars or athletes. It also includes viral video hit-makers, YouTube sensations and reality TV stars.

Celeb brands have even become a valuable business relationship to be nurtured with a target audience. We live in a digital age of hyper connections, where we are close to even the pop culture or icons we love and adore. Celebs are increasingly becoming online retailers. Creating a shopping experience through their blogs, websites and launching product lines, celebs have even got a profitable side business through the variety of quality brands they offer.

Marketers are challenged with aligning trust along with celeb endorsements while staying true to the brand. Celeb brands are a multi-billion dollar industry. In this increasingly competitive marketplace, celebs would do well to leverage digital technologies to reach out.

Marketers are learning the benefits of leveraging celeb power to attract audiences. Word-of-mouth, scalable and cost effective, digital celeb endorsements are a value addition to the marketing mix. What is interesting is the use of social media to associate a brand with a celeb. Given that Forrester Research reveals social media spending in the US will reach USD 27.4 billion by 2020, up from USD 12.3 billion in 2015, the growth is over 17% which is massive. Marketers are slicing their pie in a more complex manner with more offerings.

Endorsements are impacting sales and loyalty in multiple ways. According to Social Media Week, one celeb’s endorsement can raise sales by 4 percent instantly. That is why any business needs to explore how celeb influencers can promote their brand and gain a cult following in the bargain. When it comes to brand loyalty, celeb endorsements are powerful tools that amplify the effect of a campaign. Brand value created by celebs is instant and tangible. An element of legitimacy is present in a company, if a powerful celeb backs it online.

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