If there is a product team working on the next big thing, your product launch needs to be up to the mark, too. While some companies just hire any other web agency, draft a press release and hope for customers, here’s what hiring a specialist web agency can do for your product launch.

The Pre-Launch Stage

From establishing the proper messaging and coming up with assets to enable sales teams to sustain momentum, a lot goes into launching a product. Pre launch is the time to really get close to the product. Your web agency can work with your product team to understand the product’s value, product philosophy and the outcome of user tests. The web agency also helps your product team to gain expertise. Product managers get a deeper understanding of who the end user is, plus their unique needs. Product marketing is all about understanding the market.

#1 Focusing on the Buyer Persona

Working out who among your target audience is the best fit for the new product requires expertise. A specialised web agency can help you to understand your marketing challenges and how your product can fit the needs and goals of the single buyer persona.

#2 Generating a Buzz

Before launching a product, it is important to build a buzz. Agencies that are professional and seasoned work early on in the product’s life to ensure everyone is aligned on the messaging prior to the launch. The marketing team can then put themselves in the customer’s shoes.

#3 Position Your Brand

Positioning or messaging needs to focus on refining the product narrative to focus only on the valuable aspects of the product through consistent branding and messaging. Most product people have the urge to communicate how individual features are great. But what is more important is that messaging needs to be persuasive, unique and simple. Your brand messaging should communicate the functionality and high level value of the product. Web agencies can help you to get there.

Elements of effective positioning and messaging include a tag line, the problems being solved, a list of core features, and even the value proposition.

#4 Carry Out Pilot Studies

Having your web agency select a group of beta testers to evaluate your product before releasing it to the public is really critical. Beta testers need to be opted in to provide feedback in exchange for early access. Web firms can capture their stories, review their performances and validate value propositions with them. This offers a chance to test messaging and build social proof for the effectiveness of your brand building and marketing messages.

#5 Find the Best Messaging Hook

Web companies also talk to prospects, salespersons, and check how beta users are responding to products. As a result of this, you may have to uncover important aspects about messaging you need to adjust. If the right step is taken, it will mean a tweak to the value proposition or tag line.

#6 Setting the Right Goals and Benchmarks

Professional web companies also set goals that are challenging, especially when there is a new product without any stable benchmarks. The highest possible number in terms of users or leads to be achieved must be studied. The highest possible leads campaigns generate are directly linked to the time you take to get the market ready before the product launch.

If, for example, your business is launching a new product that also means entering a new space, and your product launch is a secret, your web professionals must start creating content about the space beforehand. Seeding this content for SEO purposes, the web companies can establish your business as experts in the market. This also provides a chance to see the kind of content that resonates before the launch, as well as surfacing any issues.

#7 Build Powerful Creative Assets

When close to the secret launch, it’s time to start building launch assets. Your web firm partner can help you with not just writing approach emails or building landing pages, but also thinking about the customer journey. How do people make purchase decisions in the space you are entering? What assurances do they look for before purchasing a product? Should you offer a free trial or demonstration? Can your sales team provide compelling marketing collaterals? What is needed before getting to the point where your conversion path is effectively outlined? Your web development agency will get to work building actual forms, social posts, emails, videos and site pages that will drive users down the marketing funnel right to your conversion point.

#8 Assemble Go-To Marketing Strategies

Your go-to marketing strategies need to be in place. This means formulating a road map of the launch activities, goals and planning. This includes market research, pricing recommendations and competitive analysis as well as other relevant information needed. Choosing the right channels to share your message requires professional expertise too. Audiences need to be approached through channels that are the best fit. Use email, social, and even paid channels to support your main channel.

Before your product’s secret launch, you need to carry out a final check to ensure everything works, from functioning buttons to forms that are working and creatives as well as copies that look good. Activating your sales team is important for coordinating meetings and outreach activities on the day of the launch. If you are running a promotional event, your sales team needs to be trained to approach the audience in the right vein. Propel your launch by reaching a lot of people.

For this, you need to understand that it takes several touch points before a customer is ready to start a trial or get a demonstration. This involves nurturing emails, demos, in depth product-focused webinars and activities. Longer video or social media posts with the right creative elements is essential to create fresh assets to share.

Training your sales team before your secret product launch is easier if you have a specialised web company partnering you in the launch process. Get powerful marketing collateral, choose the right go-to market documents and build a buzz even before your product hits the shelves. With a competent, dedicated and skilled web agency there to guide you every step of the way, it is easy to use these services to boost your brand even if your product launch is a secret!

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