The number of internet users in the USA alone is expected to grow to around 280 million by 2022. as well as this, there are appealing statistics that prove that more young adults are using online media for various needs such as education, work, entertainment and shopping. Internet marketing has evolved. Gone are the days when passive online marketing technologies were in vogue, like mass emailing and sending e-newsletters. The digital portal is now making use of advanced metrics for mass customer engagement.

  • Employ Analytics for Lead Conversion

Explorative tools like Google Analytics give you actionable and validated data, including sources of website traffic, the nature of interaction, its duration and quality. Whether a person is a casual inquirer, a determined buyer or an information-monger, these analytical tools lay the facts on the table, to turn these leads into sales. In addition to decision making, these tools are a must-have in your internet marketing campaign to optimize budgets and improve reach-out. They help you segment and analyze your traffic and assess them for quality, for it is not the number of leads that matter the most, but their validity and convertibility.

  • Adopt Organic SEO techniques

The days of inorganic SEO using purchased links and keyword stuffing are non-existent, due to the unpredictable nature of Google algorithms. These have been optimized to separate and demarcate flimsy, thin and ad-heavy websites away from the relevant ones. In order to battle for an impressive position on the search result pages, use SEO techniques including meta-tags, page headings, infographics  and high quality content. The twist that is to be mastered is that of meeting customer demands to the closest, since Google, Bing or Yahoo look to rank best only those businesses that can respond well to search queries.

  • Champion content marketing

Content marketing is not about generating pages of descriptive content to advertise your product or service. Content marketing educates, empowers and influences, as compared to literature that compels, manipulates and forces your brand down the throats of readers. Content must arouse the interest of customers by building awareness regarding a problem and guiding them gently towards a solution. The new age content motto states that “less is more”. Web pages need not be loaded with plenty of in-depth content, but must present both text and visuals in an aesthetic and decluttered manner. How much content reveals about your brand is secondary; how influential is content in attracting and converting leads is primary. Strategies like blogging, guest blogging, and keyword planning are some gestures in the direction of directing organic traffic to your business.

  • Make your social media presence, assertive

Every business has a Facebook or a Twitter page. Almost every entrepreneur keeps a LinkedIn profile updated. All latest events, launches and other happenings are widely publicized on Instagram. Still, results may not be impressive. This is because posting and sharing on social media alone are not influential. Every business must choose an appropriate social media campaign that improves quality of interaction with the target market on public forums. Only social media marketing has the viral effect of creating brand awareness to a wide network of followers. When information, reviews and feedback are shared on social media, the business earns a lot of credibility and repute. Resolving customer queries through public domain is a part of enhancing brand affinity. Most social media platforms also extend paid services like placing ads, boosting posts and even the opening and running of online store with virtual wardrobes.

  • Opt for influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is the most in-thing in today’s competitive marketing scenario, where the business appeals to a few key influencers of its market instead of appealing to the entire target market. Internet marketing helps firms to influence those individuals who have an influential say over potential buyers. This influencer has a better access to customers who will take their word for forming opinion about different brands. These individuals may include celebrities, sport stars, fashionistas, celebrity bloggers and thought leaders from various walks of life, using digital channels to approach these people and to bring about the desired effects in the short run itself.

  • The mobile-first age and marketing strategies for the same

The power of internet technology has made it possible for business to be there where and when the customers want them to be. Mobile marketing is about using mobile apps and widgets to increase market appeal for a company’s products or services. The prime focus is making your web page mobile friendly by embarking a responsive design. Secondly your business page must be easily and quickly accessible, by offering apps for access and by placing strategic call to action buttons for mobile shopping. Make it easier for your customers by allowing them to order at the click of a button.

  • Tap customer testimonials

Publicizing critical as well positive reviews and testimonials that express a customer’s first-hand experience with the product, are ways of appealing to the market with user generated content. Hearing it through actual users of the product is much more powerful than the volumes that a brand speaks about  itself. Using images will make the customer testimonials even more credible with links to the customer profile.

  • Have your internet marketing toolkit primed and well-appointed

A webpage will not have it all when it comes to taking on the challenges that can be encountered while marketing your product online. Take your pick of various tools like Snapchat, Hootsuite, Mailchimp, Zoho  or YouTube in addition to a wide choice of sought-after CRO and SEO tactics.

In view of the exhaustive nature of web based marketing strategies, firms need not get lost in the maze. They can steer clear by tailoring a plan that puts available resources to their best possible uses, and bring in more customers. There is no point in adopting cutting-edge technology unless it can win the business its cardinal bottom-line, namely customers. It is better to approach a digital marketing expert who can evaluate various marketing campaigns and deduce the prospective ROI for the business, before its launch.


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