The Hotels Forecast 2019 by PricewaterhouseCoopers predicts an almost static growth of only 0.3 percent revpar (revenue per available room) during 2018 and 2019 in the UK. This is an alarming fall from the 4.6 percent growth in 2017. However, with the right loyalty plans in place, the hospitality industry can bounce back and ensure that their loyal customers do not switch brands. The experts from Pathwwway customer retention build on the intricacies of upholding customer loyalty in the hospitality sector.

  • An Analysis Of The Existing Market And Future Prospects

Whenever a digital marketing implementation team approaches major clients in the hotel industry, a thorough analysis of their current market position is undertaken. The customer retention team is well-trained to handle worst case scenarios, even if the client faces a plunging market. Different parameters of loyalty in the hospitality sector like the customer satisfaction index, frequency of purchase, average order value and rates of communication with active and dormant customers are studied. As of 2017, the customer satisfaction index of Hotel Marriott Rewards program was 806 out of 1000, one of the best in the US hospitality industry, followed by the World of Hyatt, which stood at 805. Based on analyzing data using the latest BI tools, special inferences are drawn which become starting points to tweak the existing strategy or build one from scratch.

  • Energize Your Branding Strategy

When it comes to retaining customers in the long run, it is only consistent branding that reaches out to their emotions. To cite an example from Pathwwway customer retention, the crisp retention strategy of the leading Indian budget hotel chain Ginger, delivers value by motivating service staff and analyzing current competitive advantages. Sensing a need for quality hotels at affordable rates for frequent travellers for business purposes, the loyalty programs target the comfort level of customers using a process oriented approach. The hotel is able to deliver substantial value for money by cutting down on resources and adopting process automation. Ginger offers uniformity and consistency of services across its various branches, so that a Brand India arises rather than being confined to Brand Ginger. The firm proudly calls this a Ginger Promise and has it has become a powerful branding instrument for building brand loyalty among its customers.

  • Devising An Effective PR Strategy

To foster retentive value among both B2B and B2C customers, a strong and market-oriented public relations strategy is the need of the hour. The absence of a good PR strategy will cost the hotels dearly in terms of customer attrition. A powerful Pathwwway customer retention PR strategy is mandatory irrespective of the size, market and brand awareness commanded by the hotel. When deciding on the PR strategy, choice of a good channel is a crucial decision. It requires a lot of behavioural analysis on the database of existing customers. There is no point in publicizing marketing literature in places where customers do not go. Instead of indulging in heavy and self-promotional PR, the technique used by Pathwwway customer retention team puts customers first. It believes in deploying those journalists and PR people who can make the most out of customer testimonials, both positive and negative ones. Know Your Audience is the thumb rule in PR. If  in-house PR cannot do the painstaking task of analysing customer preferences and what they would love to hear about, get a professional team to do the PR storytelling effectively.

  • Linking Up With The Right Partners For Loyalty Programs

The hotel industry cannot be more connected to any other industry other than travel. Travel and accommodation always go together. To make things easier for your loyal clients, strategize a joint loyalty strategy with leading airlines and tourism development centres. The American Airlines and the Hilton group of hotels have teamed up to treat their loyal customers for multiple crossover rewards. The program was a massive success, with loyal customers being rewarded with subsidized services and preferential treatment in an interconnected manner. Similarly the pact for customer retention between the Delta Airlines and Starwood group of hotels was an instant success. Other than travel industry, hotels normally team up with diverse channel partners like spas, beauty salons, cabs and even supermarkets, where existing customers can be rewarded for mutual gains. At Pathwwway LTD, the retention team analyses such liaison prospects in the best interests of its clients.

  • Unleash A Boutique Of Perquisites For Loyal Customers

Every customers loves something coming free, form their preferred brand. However, what makes such retention marketing costs profitable is the addition of novelty.  For example the The Godfrey Hotel & Cabanas Tampa Bay, entices visitors for online booking with 3 creative rewards from Uber, Amazon and iTunes. Every experience is made personal with small yet emphatic gestures like gifting a toy to the kid in family holiday bookings and a 10% off for Florida residents under the Sunshine State Discount program. Even routine processes like redemption of points can lead to special accesses to games, events and stage shows or a discount on subsequent  travel and accommodation bills. This will make it more interesting for customers. By giving loyal customers the privilege of last minute changes to bookings, free upgrades and no charges on cancellation etc, hotels can cultivate loyalty and trust. Understanding the tastes and preference of loyal customers will make the announcement of surprise offers easier. For example, extending a free candle light dinner with the Chef’s star-rated menu can be a pleasant surprise to your loyal customer who has just tied the knot and has booked a honeymoon suite.

The Pathwwway customer retention techniques help the hospitality team read the emotional touch points of customers using intuition and technology. It is much more than offering gifts and rewards. It’s more about making every banquet reservation or every leisure holiday package, a memorable experience for customers. These are strategies that make your retention marketing costs worth every dollar and bring back customers on the verge of attrition.

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