Global sales for the vaping industry is predicted to reach over $86.43 billion by the year 2025. UK has been ranked as the second largest market for vape products. Digital transformation has impacted the industry by way of vaping & E-Cigarette SEO, social media marketing, mail marketing and community building endeavours.

  • The Vaping Industry Overview

Vaping is the process of inhaling heated vapours or e-juices made out of propylene alcohol, vegetable glycerin, glycol and other additive flavouring agents. Major products include vaping devices, inhalers, vape pens and E-Cigarettes. The Office of National Statistics in UK has found that growth of the vaping audience has contributed to a decrease in smoking. The CAGR (Compounded Annual Growth Rate) for the E-Cigarette and Vaporizer market is expected to grow at a rate of 20.*% over the next decade.

  • Publishing How-To Tutorials

An internet marketing company believes in building market share for its client base of vaping businesses by promoting customer engagement. Despite the increasing popularity of using vaping devices, there is a lot of misconception. Video marketing works the best for vaping business. Simple and graphic videos on choosing the right E-liquid, the optimum proportion between propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine, choosing atomizers with good battery life etc., will go a long way into building organic traffic for your brand.

  • Community Building Through Social Media Marketing

Due to the deadly effects of nicotine addiction, there is an urgency among smokers to resort to a healthy means of getting off tobacco. Digital marketers promote the health benefits of vaping through social media and help the community of vapers to connect with one another. Facebook groups and Reddit communities are excellent ways to promote your vape ad campaigns. Conducting social media contests, vape meets, question and answer sessions, image and video based marketing are all techniques to engage your social media audiences.

  • Planning Vaping Podcast Campaigns

Tapping the audience of radio listeners can boost and complement other digital channels of marketing. Vaping podcasts have been famous in cultivating huge databases of listeners. Some popular podcasts include Culture of Clouds Podcast. Desert Island Vapes, The Vape Passion podcast and The Truth About Vaping, to mention a few. Tips, directions, guidance, personal stories and anecdotes, these podcasts are full of relevant and useful information for the vaping audience.

  • Vaping SEO: Get The Keywords Right

Vape marketing can yield success only if the most popular and sought-after keywords are used. The keywords need to be commercially compliant and increase traffic to your brand. Market research, industry insights and competitor intelligence are the areas that are focussed by online marketers to boost SEO for your Ecommerce vape shops. Optimizing your online store for organic searches is done using trending keywords like vapour, electronic vaporiser, e-juice and electronic cigarettes in your web content.

  • Securing Excellent Online Reviews

By publishing sensible content and selling responsible and quality products, user generated content is leveraged. Online marketers focus on getting positive feedbacks and reviews on all places like social  media, e-surveys, online events, websites and on independent review sites. Affiliate marketing is a great way not only to increase revenues but also to get good reviews from professional vapers. Vape Review, Vaping 360, Electronic Cigarettes consumer reviews, Vapour review blog are places to get started for word-of-mouth publicity. Vapouround, Vapun and iVape Magazine are some of the popular vaping magazines that can be used to popularize your latest vape store.

  • Customized Landing Pages

Designing personalized landing pages will ensure that the attention span of vapers are fruitfully used so that they end buying your products without getting distracted. An internet marketing company conducts systematic research and understand your target audiences. Vaper personas are built so that customized landing pages can be designed according to the vaping needs and preferences of customers. While teens may be excited about gadgets like vaping pens and E-cigs, health freaks may be interested in knowing what the E-juice contains, while a price comparison may be what working men and women are looking for.

  • Display Ads

Display ads are short, crisp and catchy banner ads, made using a combination of flash, audio, text and images. Internet marketing companies have a display ad network that is relevant to the vaping industry. The ads are placed in highly relevant places where the vaping audiences come together online. Advertising in vaping related publications will ensure that your ads get a good number of organic impressions and click throughs. In light of the recent stringent vaping display ads regulations imposed by statutory authorities, the ad content must be carefully chosen and published on channels like YouTube, Pinterest, online competitions and blog posts.

  • Google Analytics Tracking

Many web marketers channelize the digital marketing budgets of their clients across multiple online media. Keeping track of the individual and overall ROI is a control mechanism. Using Google Analytics the success of vaping ad and marketing campaigns can be evaluated. They not only help in measuring ROI but also offer critical insights on customer behaviour. Every online association of vapers on your sites are tracked, to understand what worked right and which campaign misfired.

  • Growing Your Vape Ecommerce Site

The IT professionals who take charge of designing, building and running your vape store online come with years of specific experience in marketing to the audience of regular vapours. Your Pathwwway Ltd Ecommerce vape shop is made mobile-friendly for buyers on-the-go. Convenient and secure payment options are provided. Simple and informative content, compelling visuals, explorative blogs and helpful chat options are all part of your Ecommerce strategy for the vaping business.

It is evident that an internet marketing company uses a combination of digital strategies to get the winning edge. They play a principal role in educating and empowering people who vape. By establishing that vaping can be a cost-effective and timely substitute for smoking, they build awareness among the target audiences. As part of cause related marketing, vaping retailers organize quit smoking campaigns to build organic traffic for their websites.

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