In the era of the digital economy, it is essential to leverage the business opportunities offered by internet traffic and e-commerce to ensure long-term success. The very first step for the success of a small business is to have an interactive, professional, functional website. An up and running website can help you showcase your experience, build brand reputation, generate online leads, educate your customers about your services, sell your products and stay ahead of your competitors. But how much of your business budget should you spend on your custom web design? Well, the answer depends on the range of features you require and the scope of work that needs to be done to inculcate those features in your custom web design. You should start by pricing out different options to plan an effective budget.

Different companies charge differently for custom web design. You can get a website in as low as 10-30 $ with a perfect domain name and a great web design idea. However, a decent web hosting package may cost you as much as 150-300$ with all custom features and facilities. If you are low on budget but require a decent looking website, you can pick a WordPress theme in as low as 40$. While the numbers are all estimates, you can start a custom website within a budget of 200$ for your small business. Here are some factors you should consider while planning a budget for your custom web design:

  • Costs Of Web Development

Many factors such as time, design expertise, money, and technical know-how can influence the costs involved in web development. Identify if you have all the necessary resources to get started with your custom web design. Figure out how you will implement your custom web design. Will you hire a professional or use an online web builder tool? Determine the scope of your project. Design an initial layout for the best user experience. Think about content creation, web hosting, and final release of your website.

  • Cost Of Website Designing

You have two options to get started with your website designing budget. Either pay a professional web developer or use a CMS platform with pre-created themes and available features. Depending on whether you are hiring an individual freelance web designer or a premium design firm your budget may range between 60-200$. You can save on pricing with a WordPress theme if you can do with a minimal design, have experience in hosting and managing a website, and can spare some time learning the prerequisites of such CMS platforms. You can further consider hiring expert designers to customize the templates as per your specifications.

  • Custom Web Development

If you have a high budget of somewhere between 5000 – 10,000$ you should consider approaching a reputable and experienced web design company to get a unique, custom web design that perfectly represents your brand. The agencies may change you on the basis of the scope of your project. Identify the significant features and important functionality you require in your custom web design.

  • Is The Website Important To Your Business?

Before you commence on setting up the budget, identify the relevance of the website to the online marketing of your business. An e-commerce website can help you attract more buyers by showcasing your products. With an appealing and reliable website, you can provide a flawless experience to your customers which may help you create a strong brand image.

  • Why Do You Need A Custom Web Design?

Every website serves a specific purpose to the business. A purely promotional website helps in promoting your services and products, educates your customers, and helps them learn more about your business. A blog provides useful content and accurate information to your readers. Similarly, an e-commerce website helps you create better leads and generate more revenue. Irrespective of the type of website, its end goal is to generate more business.

With an effective website design, you can drive more traffic and increase your customer base. Research about your exact requirements as well as expectation from the custom web design. A project scoping will help you create a blueprint for your much-desired website design. This will you get accurate personalized quotes from different designers for your custom web design. With the personalized quotes, you can search for a possible platform and identify the involved costs. You can compare various options to identify which one works best within your budget.

  • From Website Design To Maintenance

Remember that designing a website is not a one-time investment. When it comes to custom web design you have to consider factors like design costs, content management functionality, graphics, multimedia, content creation, special features like SEO, e-commerce, and social media as well as maintenance. Designing a website from scratch costs more than a simple redesign. You need to invest in content management tools for a regular content update, properly plan your graphics, images, and icons that complement your brand, and inculcate multimedia features for customer engagement. Moreover, your design should be mobile friendly. Including special features like social media engagement may costs you a few more bucks.

And finally, you should not forget to plan for maintenance. You should plan a minimum monthly budget for regular maintenance of your custom website. However, the budget may vary on the basis of the scope of work involved. In essence, your budget for a custom web design should entirely be based on your specific business needs. Web design prices may fluctuate over time. You should negotiate and create a budget as per the size and scope of your custom web design requirements. Different websites require different functionality. Identifying the custom design work requirements, size, and functionality of your website will help you analyze your web design requirements. Further modifications like responsive coding and design adjustments may raise the cost and require more time. Nonetheless, never compromise on including some unique elements that qualify your brand image.


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