A superyacht is usually a privately owned luxury yacht, managed by a professional crew with world-class amenities for passengers. Building a Superyacht is challenging; but what is more intimidating is to manage the network of loyal clients who charter the vessels consistently. Yacht marketing needs creativity and innovation in order to ensure that the digital marketing budget brings a good ROI, time and again. Customer retention management can yield fruits when carried out by professionals with hands-on and sector-specific experience.

  • Get A Full-Fledged CRM In Place

Going digital has resulted in an ocean of opportunities for the Superyacht industry in retaining its existing clients. The clients for a luxury yacht are usually the affluent, the upper class; those for a commercial Superyacht are large corporates who are exporters or global carriers; while people with an insatiable wanderlust become the target audiences for explorer yachts. These customer personas are better reached out, with a CRM that profiles and categorizes clients for remarketing. The Superyacht Group, for example, has been able to increase its revenues by over 20%, by investing in a holistic cloud based CRM solution from Netsuite. The yacht maker has been able to enhance the productivity of its sales force by 80% due to integrated marketing solutions. Role based dashboards have assisted the account managers to manage and communicate the existing client base in a profitable manner.

  • Preferential Access To VIP Clients For Yacht Events

What makes every cruise or voyage on your Superyacht inspiring and memorable is the way events and competitions spruce up the stay on-board. For regular travellers, the Star Cruises offers panoramic events on the Superyachts – trending Filipino bands that blow out exploding music, Mother’s Day and Labor Day events in the summer cruises, special kids show for the Junior Cruisers and not to mention high quality salons, spas, Jacuzzis and pools. For enticing the sports freaks, basketball clinics are held by famous sport stars like Benjie Paras and Alvin Patrimonio. Accumulation of Star rewards point can make your stay during your birthday month cheaper by as much as 50%. There is also exclusive discounts for loyal customers on Star Cruises online store.

  • Make Every On-Board Experience Personalized

The supply chain of the Superyacht business is long and complex. To retain customers and enhance their lifetime value, you need to bond with the best of yacht builders who leave no effort behind to achieve 100% passenger satisfaction on the vessels. For repeat business, it is essential to monitor and track client details on previous stay and to provide bundle offers that will make them come back for more. Customer retention management is all about catering to the needs of all kinds of customers in a personalized manner. Providing impeccable board rooms in your yacht for corporate executives, conference calling with Wi-Fi, day-care facilities for children, gourmet delights to appeal to the palate of multi-cuisine lovers are all part of experiential remarketing. Superyacht builders often delegate yacht management on an end-to-end basis to professionals in the domain. From yacht maintenance, crew recruitment and training, digital PR and customer relationships – these specialists are experts in loyalty marketing and brand building.

  • Useful and Informative Content Can Make Yacht Marketing Fruitful

Branding in the yachting business is all about developing a customer-centric service delivery model. Yacht quality, arrangements with best marinas with good exposure, access and fairway widths  for docking your vessels, performance of the cabin crew are different areas using which Superyacht makers can get good mileage with existing clients. Since the yachting industry is no exception to the global digital transformation, it is sensible to use relevant and inspiring content to reach out to the online audiences. Leading Superyacht specialists Edmiston, who deal in all yacht based services like selling, chartering, crew, brokerage and yacht management use an excellent mix of visual and text-based content to promote their brand. Taking charge of content marketing, as part of ongoing customer retention management, the business publishes Edmiston Intelligence, their regular yachting broadsheet. It features exclusive content for anyone who is interested in the Superyacht business. It also publishes a range of features yachts with verified information on offers and discounts extended by the Superyachts like Zulu, Lady Britt and Andreas L.

  • Tap Into Social Media For Keeping Close To Superyacht Communities

The power of the social has become so invasive that Superyacht makers, brokers, managers and every other stakeholder has to become part of the global community. Many Superyacht businesses have subscribed ongoing engagements with social media influencers to get privileged access to relevant target audiences. The Superyacht industry, though conventional in nature has well-geared up to meet the demands of global social media marketing. World famous brands like Andromeda, Jubilee and Star Cruises are active in creating their own Superyacht communities. Lurssen, the Superyacht builder in Germany has found Instagram  highly rewarding with over 105,000 subscribers. Getting the existing customers connected over Pathwwway ltd social media campaigns can give rise to user generated content. YouTube and Twitter are used by yacht marketers as remarketing platforms that can create an abuzz among customers.

  • Maintain Healthy Relationships With Branding Partners

Be it social media influencers, bloggers, event managers or trainers in creative leadership for the yacht crew, the Superyacht businesses must keep rejuvenating cordial relationships. Only then, the branding strategy will work and existing customers will feel a sense of pride in getting associated with your brand. Camper and Nicholsons, the yacht marketing experts believe that yacht promotion is a function of intelligent online solutions to the pain points of customers. Their dedicated media manager helps you make the most of digital PR with compelling images and videos of luxury yachts. As branding partners they can re-launch your business in the market of old customers, by publishing bespoke and custom made brochures.

The global Superyacht business is evolving. Once an industry closed to online transition, these luxury vessels now provide hi-end Wi-Fi for their passengers and also deploy AI and machine learning to know their customers better.

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