The pet industry in the US reached $86 billion in 2017. It continues to be on a strong upward growth trajectory. This is as per the Packaged Facts US Pet Market Outlook for 2018. While sales of pet products, supplies and services rose by nearly 5 percent since last year, threats of disruptions are ensuring stress on business agility and game-changing innovation as industry players adjust to a shifting market landscape. From the rise of ecommerce to the evolution of marketing technologies, there are a lot of reasons why your pet supplies company or organisation needs the services of an internet marketing agency.

  • The Importance of Online Presence

Brick-and-mortar pet supplies stores and businesses are now facing the online revolution, as the internet emerges as a strong marketplace for different pet products. Internet sales are surging to mid-double digits and migrating online rapidly. Pet food and supply companies cannot afford to miss out on this transformation and the value of this fast-growing channel.

According to research by Packaged Facts, 37 percent of online pet supply consumers feel that they are buying more pet products online and 14 percent have made a purchase within just the previous week of the survey. With a massive range of pet products available online, coupled with affordable shipping costs and convenient auto-replenishment programs, pet shoppers have moved to internet retail and marketing. This makes it essential for traditional pet retailers to benefit from strategies proposed by a reputed internet marketing agency.

Research points that online retailer Amazon attracts more than 50 percent of those purchasing pet products online, beating brands like Chewy, Petco, PetSmart and Walmart by a considerable margin. Amazon is even innovating its warehousing capabilities, granting additional future competitive advantages. To capture the growing ecommerce market, it is essential for mass merchandisers and pet speciality stores to offer online marketing and distribution channels.

  • The Rise of Smart Devices

Technology has changed how consumers purchase pet products and the type of products being sold in the market. The rise of smart devices and IoT is changing the way pet care is administered. Pet owners can track their precious companion’s location, physical activity and health metrics with pet wearables. Fitbit type monitoring devices, net-connected video cameras and treat dispensers have been upgraded to permit pets to be monitored 24/7 by pet owners. With increasing innovative pet devices, the pet products and supply industry itself is also undergoing a massive transformation. The web marketing agency can help in making sense of online technologies and using out-of-the-box thinking to provide cutting-edge marketing solutions that can help your pet product business to grow.

  • Surviving the Retail Apocalypse

The way your pet store or pet food company markets itself could make all the difference between surviving and thriving in the upcoming retail apocalypse. Consumers turn to the convenience of online sales channels and the best way to succeed in such a situation is to move ahead into the online space. Focusing on a target audience remains one of the best ways an online marketing agency can access the growing pet supply market in North America.

As pet foods change in terms of variety and sustainability and the pet industry becomes more personalised, the buying power of online pet product shoppers is also on the rise. Millennial pet owners will grow as time passes. Hiring a strategic internet marketing agency is one way pet supply chains can sustain the attention of the demanding generation, and not just attract it.

Winning over millennials is focused on choosing the right product range, building a powerful brand and adding customer value. While targeting Millennials, you need to focus on brand messaging, product selection and customer value. Sub-par qualities at premium rates are sure to backfire. Your pet food company needs to understand who the customers are and how you can stand out from competitors. Millennials want a unique customer experience, and to understand your current audience, you need internet marketers who are professionals in their field.

  • Add Customer Value

Another way online or internet marketing agencies can access the expanding pet supply market in the US is by providing customer value for money. The focus is on providing everything the pet owner would need to make the best choice for their beloved companions. This includes incorporating technology into strategies, for promoting products.

Your website, online reviews and engaging educational content can offer a necessary hub for pet owners in the area. Create the best customer experience and keep customers coming back for more by providing an unforgettable experience online. For this, pet food and supply companies need to invest in top notch marketing professionals.

  • Optimising the Social Media Strategy

Social media strategies need to work out well. Over the years, organic reach or the traffic from the social media channels has reached a peak with Facebook alone having one billion daily active users. Creating and promoting your brand identity on such social media channels is the best way to generate customers for your pet store. While partnering with top-quality engagement on-site, you need to build a loyal customer base within the community.

Staying engaged on social networks can be the way to create loyal customers for your brand. Choosing the social platforms you want to be present on is important. A professional internet marketing agency like Pathwwway can create an effective social media calendar and help your business to tap the power of relevant hashtags. Monitoring social media for the latest trends is another benefit. For example, #NationalDogDay (on 26th August) is a monumental marketing opportunity for your pet food store and the internet marketing firms could help you to tap this.

Therefore, there are a lot of ways an internet marketing agency can improve the online presence to stay ahead of customers. The focus is on promoting a unique value proposition. The aim is to create an omni channel experience. Add value to the experience of the customer if you want them to keep coming back to your brand. For this reason, professional online marketers are just what your pet supply business needs to get ahead and leave competitors behind.


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