Internet marketing has several avenues and the modern internet marketing company needs to leverage the specific advantages of each channel to derive advantages in a competitive world. Here we discuss the use and application of affiliates to build brands and sales figures.

The basics

Affiliate marketing is a key component of marketing that internet marketing companies, such as Pathwwway LTD leverage. Why? It is simple. One of the key business principles is to let others do the work for you. In this instance, your company’s links are placed on a website of an owner who joins your affiliate marketing program. It is clearly understood that he will get paid only if someone visits his site, reads your ad, clicks on it and then buys. Otherwise, he gets nothing. This means it is strictly rewards based and internet marketers or their clients need not spend money upfront as happens in pay per click models or in other search engine and social marketing efforts.

Different flavors – Different recipes

Affiliates today come in different flavors.

  • Website owners: There are people who own one website or a dozen. They tie into affiliate marketing programs and let affiliate partners place ads on their web pages. It is their responsibility to maintain the site, promote it and get traffic. Such website owners may write content on their own in order to promote their site and get traffic. An internet marketing company would choose specific websites depending on how well aligned such sites are with their products and services. Tracking them is important and this is done through specialized code placed on affiliate websites.
  • Search affiliates: This is a different breed focused on leveraging search engines and paid advertising models to generate traffic.
  • Bloggers: The internet has quite a few bloggers and blogging sites that have made quite a reputation for themselves in their niche of operations. It is a simple task to get such bloggers to review the internet marketing companies customer’s products and include a link. They may get a commission on a sale or be paid to write a review.
  • Aggregators: These sites get prices of various products from online ecommerce sites and list them at one place. Internet marketers may rope in such aggregators through incentives or just paid ads on their sites. Such sites may also give top listing on being paid.
  • Review sites: There are dozens of review sites. Some are agnostic. Some will give a positive review on being paid. Some have a good reputation for fair reviews. In any case, it is worthwhile for internet marketing companies to get a review on such a site because people looking to buy products look for reviews and being found in a review site is a good thing. Review sites may be paid for reviewing a product or they may work on a commission basis on click throughs.

Loyalty programs and increasing performance based rewards

A simple strategy of just offering a commission on sale does work but it may not be sufficient. Internet marketing companies that rope in affiliates need to offer them more for consistency and increasing sales. As such, affiliates may get a plain vanilla package of commission on a sale through a click through. Then there may be further loyalty programs and rewards program based on revenues generated. Marketers may start by signing up a dozen or more affiliates and then weed them out based on performance over time. High performers who are promised more rewards will work harder and the partnership proves durable as well as rewarding.

  • Media

This may be difficult but one can find TV and radio channels that will allow free promotions subject to their getting a cut from the profits on sales they are helpful in generating. High traffic websites and portals may agree to a similar business model of affiliate marketing.

  • Affiliate placements

Internet marketers may not know about website owners who are willing to become affiliates. There are specialist agencies that maintain databases of affiliates and their niche of operations. Instead of finding out such websites or affiliate partners on their own, internet marketing companies turn to such affiliate placement agencies as a shortcut to implementing their program with the right partners. Shareasale is one such network. CJ Affiliate is another such well known platform. An internet marketing company must know about these platforms.

  • Platforms (in brief)
  • Rakuten linkshare rotates various banners on affiliate sites so you can run multiple ads on a website.
  • CJ Affiliate is one of the biggest affiliate networks. Just getting in touch with them is the first step to right affiliate placement in various spectrums across the world.
  • Trade Doubler links to over 2000 merchants in UK and Europe, a valuable source for affiliate marketing that gets results from those regions.
  • Flexoffers is another gigantic network connecting content creators, bloggers and publishers to advertisers.
  • Indirect benefit

A spinoff to implementing an affiliate program with a partner website is that even if it does not result in a direct sale, it will help the search engine optimization process. Search engine look for backlinks and this could result in the client’s website rise in rankings in search results. This is done without spending anything at all.

Traffic can be increased by helping such website owners with email campaigns and free newsletters as well as content that can be published on their websites with backlinks if so desired.

  • Mobile

Ignoring mobile is ignoring a goldmine. Many app developers offer quite useful apps for free but derive revenues from in app ads. Internet marketers get to these developers who will then display ads on their apps in return for a percentage on sales generated.

  • Hosting

There are paid hosting and free or subsidized hosting providers amenable to becoming affiliates and displaying ads on people who register with them. It pays to exploit this avenue and any internet marketer worth his salt will not ignore it.

  • Segment based

Hosting is just one segment. There are various segments with affiliates for each, such as forex, stock trading, jewellery, healthcare, insurance and so on.

  • Ecommerce affiliate program

Amazon Associates is one of the best and largest affiliate marketing programs that internet marketers make use of with good results. Commissions may be high but so are sales volumes.

The savvy internet marketing company knows affiliate marketing can tick the right boxes if he knows where to look and what to do. This done, he can sit back.



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