An influencer, in the online marketing world, is one who has ready access to a credible audience. Instagram influencers have a huge number of followers. Their opinions are trusted by their loyal followers. After having been acquired by Facebook in 2012, it has been an eventful journey for the trending photo and video sharing social networking service. This trend has grown phenomenally and now every business, big or small, needs an instagram account.

  • What is Influencer Marketing On Instagram?

Instagram has a tremendous following of over 500 million users and it would be impractical for your online marketing team to reach to this audience with their individual instagram accounts. This has given rise to the strategy of influencer marketing on Instagram. Under this strategy, a business proceeds to tap the audiences of these influencers. Influencers are people who the audiences care for, respect and get inspired by. They respond better to the recommendations of their influencers.  A personal recommendation from their trusted influencers will result in a consistent increase in your web traffic. Instagram, being extremely mobile-friendly also boosts conversions through mobile web and mobile apps. More welcome news for businesses relying on influencer marketing is that Instagram posts will now be rated on the basis of engagement and not on chronology. This underlines the importance of word-of-mouth recommendations.

  • The Role Of Influencers In Instagram Marketing

An influencer is not just any person who has a large number of followers. Influencers have a potential role to play in the way they promote your products and services. By virtue of their authenticity and trustworthiness, they persuade audiences to like, share and buy your products and services. It’s not about being rich and successful, it is about inspiring your audiences by values and lifestyle. Influencers remain subject matter experts in the niche in which they are popular. They post and recommend only relevant content, since one cannot be popular in every sector.  Since many influencers may also be entrepreneurs, they open Instagram business accounts and end up making the most of opportunities to collaborate with brand hashtags.

  • Choosing The Right Influencer For Your Online Marketing Program

This is the most important phase in planning your Instagram marketing campaign. Influencers are plenty almost in every filed. You need to analyse their social profiles, the follower demographics and the engagement rate enjoyed by these influencers. Tools like Ninja Outreach and Snapfluence can help in getting you high-performing influencers. There must be a match between their areas of interest and your business niche. The next deciding parameter is the reach these influencers have over their audiences. Your ideal influencer must have a powerful reach-out strategy to take your product to the relevant market segments. An engagement rate of 10-20% is a very good indicator  of the kind of influence the person enjoys with his followers. Furthermore, they must command a ‘pull’ effect among their followers. Analysing follower demographics is also essential to ascertain their quality and buying potential.

  • Collaboration With Influencers

It is important to decide on a collaboration structure with the influencers. The mode of compensation, agreed targets, time frame, deadlines and content production as well as sharing aspects must be spelt forth clearly. There are also incidences of phony influencers in the market. So, a word of caution is to double-check the trustworthiness of the influencer and the genuineness of follower database, before proceeding to collaborate. The heart of influencer marketing is the content they will use over Instagram. Crucial points that are to be agreed include answers to the following questions:

  1. What kind of content will the influencers produce? Articles, Videos, Stories or Photos?
  2. How will they promote your brand? Through brand mentions, featured posts or simple storytelling?
  3. Can you repurpose their content and use them even after the campaign? What are the content usage rights when using repurposed content in the form testimonials and social media ads?
  4. What is the extent to which UGC (user generated content) will be used?
  5. In there an alignment between your products and services and the types of posts made by the Influencers?

Businesses must take efforts to ensure that they do not infringe on the creative freedom of the influencers. Only broad guidelines in the form of briefs or mood boards can be given to influencers to give them a general sense of what your products are and the aesthetics thereof.

  • How Are Influencers Compensated

While some influencers are open to accepting the products or services of the business as gifts, most of them opt for flat rates.  Some influencers also charge a percentage on the sales value generated by the leads diverted by them.  There are also micro-influencers who might do the online marketing free for you, but it is always better to pay them monetarily to create accountability and ownership of growth goals. It is important to note that you are paying the influencers for multiple purposes including content creation, promotion, sharing and publicity.

  • Measuring The Success Of Instagram Influencer Marketing

As in any other digital marketing campaign, analytics form an integral part, not only to measure success, but also in deciding future goals and targets. The number one metric used for tracking Instagram Influencer Marketing success is rate of engagement. In addition to this, clicks, impressions, conversions and sales are also other KPIs commonly used. Creating trackable links for influencers will help in demarcating leads and sales brought in by a particular influencer.

Influencer Marketing over Instagram is a proven success. While building your own audience can also happen simultaneously, marketing through influencers can secure lucrative success in very short time period. The recent survey conducted by Hashoff among 150,000 respondents, 91.9% opted Instagram as their preferred social media platform. There is also a marked interest in the way people respond to sponsored content on their influencer pages. Now is the time to cash in and leverage your online marketing initiatives through Instagram.

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