Back in 2006, when Jack Dorsey developed the first Twitter prototype, little did the world guess that the hashtag trend would evolve to gigantic proportions. Lauded for its ethical objectives and global mission, it has been a trail-blazer all the way from 2007, when Twitter became a corporate entity in the digital world.

  • From Twttr To Twitter, It Has Been Simplicity All The Way

Just like Scribd, Tumblr and Flickr, the vowel-less version of Twitter was used by Dorsey himself in his first-ever Tweet. It rebranded to Twitter shortly, and it has been a path of global recognition and commercial success for the social media powerhouse. The micro-blogging service makes it possible for its subscribers to exchange messages, largely known as tweets. When the services hit the public market, it was an instant hit, with the number of tweets growing from 400,000 per quarter in 2007 to a quarterly count of over 100 million the very next year. Simplicity has been the essential ingredient in the Twitter success saga. People found the platform extremely user-friendly and simple to become part of. Talking to fellow twitterati  or responding to comments is easier on Twitter when compared to other networks. And Twitter capitalized this advantage on time, by unleashing the retweet facility in 2009. It also got enlisted in Collins English Dictionary as a noun and a verb.

  • Strength And Integrity In Internal Communication

Twitter believes in a honest and inclusive workplace culture. Its excellence in employer brand value has been a motivating factor for its evolution as a corporate success symbol. Twitter on-boards its human resources into its open, transparent and ethical working norms. Creativity is given the first preference alongside humility and respect for others. The integrity and solidarity in internal communication has allowed Twitter to emerge as a competing brand. They work round the clock for customer satisfaction. The key to success is listening to user experiences and feedbacks people love to follow their preferred brands on Twitter, not for sensation or fun, but for staying up-to-date and improving their brand knowledge.

  • The Power Of Twitter Contests

Twitter contests are major crowd-pulling gestures for inbound digital marketing. Businesses find the possibility of teaming up with other brands for a curated prize bundle  cost-effective and impactful. Sweepstakes are big gestures to improve traffic to your landing page. Many brands do the practice of asking their participants to submit their photos or to answer a quiz for enrolment, leading to better Twitter engagement. Incentivizing followers with exclusive prizes and freebies for sharing tweets is also a productive way to make the most of Twitter contests.  Businesses find a drastic increase in convertible traffic when they organize Twitter contests.

  • Evolving As A Major News Platform

In the early days of its inception, Twitter largely remained as a social hang-out spot. With stiff competition from counterparts like Facebook and LinkedIn, Twitter felt the urgent need to differentiate its marketing strategies. Twitter launched the news app in Apple app store and has been successful in categorizing itself as a leading news platform. No more can people think of Twitter as a mere social network. Current affairs, tracking of global events, real-time news updates have all become part of the Twitter success journey as a news platform. This differential digital marketing strategy has increased engagement with existing users and also has pulled new users into the platform.

  • Customer Support Through Twitter Boosts Brand Loyalty

Much of Twitter’s success in digital marketing can be attributed to the fact that twitter campaigns predict the social psychology of people accurately. More than reading tweets, chatting and sharing, people swarm on social media networks for being part of a community. This is why customer support through Twitter was an instant leap in winning the emotions of customers. Customers are able to get personalized solutions to their grievances and are able to shake away the feel that they are talking to a robot, as in the case of other automated chat services. In 2017, the cap on character limit in tweets doubled from 140 to 280, which was received with great applause. Subsequently, the Twitter Plus button was launched, that lead to quickness in creation of threaded tweets, making Twitter content more shareable.

  • Brands Are Able To Leverage User Engagement On Twitter

Right from fashion to technology, from sports to entertainment, multiple brands have found the platform to be extremely influential in their online marketing campaigns. Using Twitter, a business is able to converse more with customers, thereby increasing their engagement opportunities. It goes without saying that happily engaged leads are easier to convert. The outreach of tweets is awesome and cuts across all geographical and technological barriers. The first unassisted tweet from the astronaut T.J. Creamer in January 2010, from the space, stands testimony to his fact. In 2015, Twitter launched the opportunity for users to add poll questions to their Tweets, leading to high quality interaction between various users.

  • Twitter toes Mobile First

To rank as the largest digital marketing hub, Twitter helped businesses to sharpen their go-to-market strategies for mobile target markets. The official Twitter app for iPhone, Mac and iPad was released in 2010, and the number of unique visitors for the platform soared. Statistics establish that more than 47% of people viewing your Twitter profile also go on to check out the website, which is a welcome news from the lead generation perspective. The Twitter Ads companion is your Pathwwway Ltd. technology partner in mobile marketing. Re-engagements campaign are a big success with Twitter. Managing ad campaigns and getting on-time analytics have catapulted Twitter as a major facilitator of online marketing for any brand. The live streaming revolution was duly capitalized by Twitter when a $85 million acquisition of the Periscope App was effected.

People love to spend time on social media platforms that encourage pro-social initiatives. The CSR hashtag of Twitter is world famous. Twitter donates liberally to charities including and also encourages NGO followership. Twitter helps increase awareness on CSR initiatives of major brands, thus helping them in cause related marketing by championing social causes.

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