In the US car sales market alone, around 237 existing models and 38 new models were doing dazzling business in 2017. The future looks all the more promising for the global automotive industry, but not without challenges. Opting to make use of the Pathwwway services for transformative business growth is a step taken on time and in the right direction.

  • Web Design And Management For Car Sales Companies

Web design for car businesses must highlight the image, design and the functionalities of the cars in an attractive manner. Nowadays, owning small and medium-sized cars is not a luxury. The high-end luxury cars are huge status symbols. The web developers must keep in mind the relevant target audience and its buying preferences before even beginning with the web design. While the Fiat USA web design is minimalistic, with budget cars like Pop, Lounge and the Abarth of the Fiat 500 range showcased attractively, the luxury car web design is crafted with exotic pictures and graphics of cars like BMW 6 series and Cadillac XTS zipping along hilltops and waterways. In addition to the original manufacturers of cars, web management services have helped dealers, franchisees, resellers and even car accessory sellers.

A web design for car sales industry must cater to both the B2B and B2C buyers. People might want to purchase a car for different reasons including family use, official use, sports use or resale.  On -site navigation must be clear and easy so that searchers are able to do a quick scan of the website. A typical example is the case of Carcraft, a UK based used car dealer. The website is extremely user friendly with a built in car finance calculator and find-a-car option that uses a range of filters to handhold you through identifying a good used car. SEO is important for car sales. Since an investment in a car is a long-term one, the choosy buyer will want to go through your website reviews, ratings and ranks.

  • Customer Retention In The Car Sales Sector

Since cars are durable and are not something that are bought very frequently, customer retention is the key to survival in the car sales industry. Pathwwway services assist and handhold car businesses to establish warm and cordial relationships with its customers. Loyalty programs that are managed diligently bring in the desired results in the automotive industry. Loyalty bonuses and incentives on repurchase, free services, free replacement of spare parts and an extended warranty for free or at a subsidized rate are some of the trending loyalty initiatives that are being implemented. For example, the new Ford Fiesta 2018, has a range of perks for owners including Ford Protect EXT SVC plans, roadside assistance and software updates that build a bond of loyalty.

Pathwwway believes in socially responsible growth and sees this as an important way to gain customer approval for your car business.  Shared mobility, pollution control measures and contributions to road safety etc are some of the areas that can be promoted online to add great mileage to your business.

Impeccable customer service is the key to retaining your high value clients. It has more retentive value than your financial offers and freebies. Pathwwway uses the latest technology to develop a sustaining customer relationship plan for car sales businesses. By number crunching data generated by customer visits, essential insights into the behavioural patterns of customers are drawn. This helps in making every association a personalized experience for clients.

  • The Value Added By Reporting And Business Intelligence

Tracking the online behaviour of leads and customers is very important in car sales. Using BI tools can help in both the acquisition and retention of customers. It is a technological way of gaining deep insights into what your customer want. If they switch brands, Pathwwway uses quantitative analytics that can identify the reasons. Business Intelligence helps in the prevention of attrition in the car industry. For example, the live chat services provided by many car dealers are equipped with the capability to analyze customer queries and generate reports.

PR is an important function in car sales. Every car firm invests millions of dollars in formulating their PR strategy. Systematic and error-free reporting on a continuous basis helps evaluate marketing and publicity channels. Data-driven decisions are made by the senior management. This helps in the optimization of the business development budget. Competitor intelligence is also carried out where the selling strategies of close competitors are studied. This exercise will ensure the adoption of best practices across multiple verticals like Production, R & D, Sales and Customer Care.

  • Test Checking Before Cars Hit The Roads

As experts in product testing, Pathwwway services can work out systematic A/B testing before the actual product is launched. To command a good reputation in the market, your cars must stand by what is being claimed. With cut-throat competition in the industry, cars must be tested for market acceptance of colour, design, features, pricing and the maintenance package. Test drives and critical feedback by car researchers can bring more value to the business. Cars are tested not only for design and appeal but also for road safety. Collision avoidance, crash testing and pedestrian protection are important aspects for which the product is tested before launch.

A comparative analysis with competitors is something that cannot be ignored in car sales. The justification of features, functionality and prices are carried out in an objective manner, in comparison with hot-selling models in the industry. Any deficiency met during product testing becomes an input for control and change. The Car sales industry can gain from the delivery of optimized cars at competitive prices. Well tested cars perform the best in the global automotive market.

It is evident that competition is intense in the car sales industry, with new models flooding the market by the day. By adopting Pathwwway services, car sales can zoom with a grand bespoke website, an attractive loyalty program, sensible BI tools and fool-proof test checking of products and markets.

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