A few decades ago, redeeming loyalty points was not so exciting a process as earning them. People had to use plastic cards and go through cumbersome terms and conditions for enjoying their hard-earned loyalty bonuses. With the advent of loyalty apps, the hassle of carrying swollen wallets with umpteen loyalty cards is a thing of the past. By way of apps increased presence is guaranteed to businesses, enabling them remarket their services to the existing clients.

  • One-Touch Access

Above anything else, ease of access is the most popular reason for the quick growth of loyalty apps. They are one-touch solutions that can land you right onto the rewards page. One does not have to open the website, wait for it to load and then claim the loyalty points, not to mention internet hiccups to worsen the problem. Engaging with customers on the go is now not a luxury but a necessity, addressed by app based services.

  • Apps Enable Retention Marketers To Tap Multiple Smartphone Features

Modern day mobile phone features expand beyond the conventional usage of calling and messaging. Customer loyalty programs have taken advantage of smart technology and use approachable and customer-focused apps to increase retention. The native device features can be integrated easily in your app. For example, you can integrate with GPS and provide easy location advantages to drive to your store, or have your loyal customer send a message to a your executive directly.

  • Lite-Version Apps For The Space-Conscious Mobile Users

It is a disturbing fact that only 40% of customers use an app for longer than a month and only 10% use apps for over six months from the time of download. Heavier apps take time to load, demand hi-end smartphones and also consume memory. Loyalty specialists now go in for lite versions of apps that optimize features and are pared-back versions of the heavier apps. Whether your customers are on 4G, or #G, provide the best in-app engagement using lite apps. A loyalty app that is lite on the smartphone thus becomes a high in the customer satisfaction chart.

  • In-App Messages And App Inboxes

Customer loyalty programs can succeed only if there is continuous engagement with customers. In-app messages help businesses to take advantage of the exclusive attention span of users when they use the app. Offers and discounts communicated during the in-app moments invoke immediate responses. App inboxes are yet another option to engage customers with more information when compared to the push messages. They are best ways to attract attention towards new loyalty schemes, tiers or social media loyalty contests.

  • App Wallet Based Loyalty Cards

Wallet apps have become quite famous not only for making quicker purchases by linking smartphones with bank accounts or credit cards, but also for increasing customer retention. Loyalty wallet apps encourage the use of loyalty points as virtual currencies in making repeat purchases. The other combined benefits include tracking of loyalty points, upgrades and in transferring loyalty points from one program to another. Idle loyalty points can be moved to other programs and rewards can be clubbed in order to take advantage of the cumulative effect.

  • Offering Personalized Perquisites Become Easier With Loyalty Apps

Presenting loyal customers with relevant deals that might excite them is achieved easier with apps. Through push notifications and in-app messages, you can give full access to customers to enter into customer loyalty programs of which they are part of. They can avail gifts and rewards designed based on demographic factors such as nature of past purchases, spending habits, age group etc.  Expert app builders make it a point to use only high-quality and tailored content with engaging visuals, that can help you monetize your app audiences.

  • Bringing Together The In-Store And Digital Shopping Experience

With every business flooding the end-users with offers, the average shopper is confused to manage multiple loyalty programs in which he or she is a member. Apps are one-step mechanisms to call attention to visit stores and make the next purchase to qualify for the next tier of rewards. Leading sports accessories business Finish Line makes diligent use of app-based loyalty program called Winner’s Circle. The loyalty app helps customers to keep a tab o their points and earnings, while allowing them to scan in-store coupons directly from the app. It also updates them regularly on new stores, new launches and acts as a motivation for existing customers to revisit the physical stores. The Finish Line app is the quickest way for loyalists to shop, accumulate points, view value of rewards, in-store purchases, date of expiry of rewards and so on.

  • Apps Work With Real Time Purchase Data

Apps linked to the smartphone use business intelligence tools to take cognizance of real-time data. Your in-store purchases get reflected immediately as incremental loyalty points in an instant. Apps notify customers of additions and changes to their rewards structure immediately. Similarly when you shop online through apps, the loyalty programs go to work instantly, presenting you real-time offers in the form of in-app deals and discounts. These suggestions, recommendations and offers are made on the basis of real-time online activity and are thus highly targeted.

  • Towards Creating App-Stickiness

The app development ROI can be enhanced  only when users return to the app for frequently, instead of abandoning them after the download. Loyalty apps can become effective tools to fight customer churn only when they are of high quality and functionality. Consistent retention rates can be maintained if there are app crashes and slow loading problems are avoided. Experienced app developers use the right technology to create engaging apps with a simple on-boarding procedure.

Over 62% of millennials agree that brand engagement is an important determinant of their repurchase decision. Enhanced customer engagement and brand connection are now possible by the way apps remind customers of your business, every time they look at their mobile phone screens. This front-of-mind awareness is a great way to instigate repeat purchases from customers.

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