Social media today serves multiple purposes, beyond entertainment and socializing. Internet marketing specialists have been the prime movers in identifying strategic ways and means to gain maximum mileage for the brand value of their clients using the powerful features. Social media takes the pulse of the people and is the most happening forum for sharing and moving information between online communities.

  • Embedding Social Media Handles In The Website

First and foremost, opening social media pages cannot be effective unless the fact is advertised to the world. High quality followers are the best metrics for evaluation of social media presence. To give visibility to your social media presence, use those strategic buttons that will navigate website traffic to your social media pages. An internet marketing company leverages your online content by making your blogs, events, images and videos, shareable on social media.

  • Business Promotion On Facebook

Facebook is now armed with a multi-pronged business suite which addresses all the business needs of your clients. It offers the promise to convert your entire flock of fans to prospective leads. Digital marketing agencies have enabled many SMEs to run their entire online store with Facebook and make impressive sales in a cost effective manner. Facebook advertising is very effective and can create the right followers for your brand.

  • Video Marketing Using YouTube And Instagram

YouTube ranks only below the search engine giant, Google, in terms of being the one-stop solution for customer searching needs. A digital marketing company advises clients to create compelling videos with appropriate thumbnails and closed captions to bring about the viral effect of viewing and sharing. YouTube videos help communicate the brand value in a visible manner. How-to videos, explainer videos and troubleshooting videos have all gained prominence in the largest viewed video platform, YouTube. YouTube marketing can help gain a favourable position on SERPs. Instagram is yet another appealing platform to promote video based content especially for lifestyle, food, fashion and luxury. Tracking engagement will help you justify the Instagram spend and effectiveness.

  • Using Tumblr For Business

Digital marketers use Tumblr for both social media networking and micro blogging. Paid posts will help promote unique and novel ideas. The right kind of images and multimedia can invoke the largest number of shares for businesses. Using the optimum mix of text, quotes, chats, links, photos and  videos, Tumblr advertising can be transformative for your market share.  The sponsored day feature allows specialized content to be posted for 24 hours on user dashboards. Sharing thoughtful memes, stories, puns and humour will help build a great Tumblr community.

  • Marketing With LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a hub for professionals who regularly network for various business needs. LinkedIn for business is a time tested endeavour practised by digital marketing agencies. Sponsored content is used on the Newsfeeds of LinkedIn to promote businesses. If professionals are your target market, then LinkedIn ads work the best. LinkedIn display ads are known to get the best results in terms of inquiries and leads.

  • Customer Service With Twitter

People do not like to communicate with a machine for customer service. They love the witty and personalized tweets used when customer service is done over Twitter. Secondly, an internet marketing company addressing customer queries over social media is a credibility-generating endeavour that builds brand transparency and reputation. Following brand advocates and influencers will help serve the purposes of SEO. Twitter Videos and Twitter Analytics are additional resources that can be used.

  • What’s New In Pinterest?

By using a panoramic array of images and short videos, GIFs etc., Pinterest can amplify your business volumes in many ways. Pinterest is a unique platform for an internet marketing company that people reach out not for buying but for inspirations and ideas. If your business is active on Pinterest with crisp Pins, then high quality backlinking is possible. Creating a compelling Pinterest profile, adding save buttons on Pins, getting awe-inspiring visuals on Pinterest feeds are some ways digital marketers use to leverage traffic.

  • The Google My Business And G-Suite Revolution

From a modest search engine, the growth of Google as a market accelerator has made amazing innovations in the way an organization conducts and promotes its business. The G-suite sign is much more than creating an email account. Total personalization of your Google business account with a logo, holding video conferencing calls and using company domain name in mail ids, a spacious cloud storage and file sharing facilities make business transactions more professional and faster. Google My business is a internet marketing company management tool to control your Google presence, interact with customers and expand your brand value in the Google market.

  • Social And Business Networking With Yelp is both a social networking site and a tool for crowd-sourced local business reviews. It helps your business connect with people who share identical interests and perspectives. Yelp reviews are the ready reckoners that customers use and even base their purchase decisions on this. An internet marketing company uses Yelp Ads to catch the attention of customers and stimulate them to shop on impulse. The Yelp mobile app can be used to tap the mobile market for your brand.

Tools For Extracting The Most Out Of Social Media

A host of tools are available for different ways to leverage social media presence. While scheduling tools like Buffer and Hootsuite can help you market on social media in the most timely and relevant manner, other tools like Bitly, Buzzsumo, Mention and Tint are special business promotional tools using social media. Only these tools can justify your presence on social media by generating analytics to measure your internet marketing company ROI.

To conclude, contemporary social media has become the human face of business and helps them intersperse the non-socializing performance of businesses with the emotion generated by engaging with social circles. Social media tools are rampantly used in a modern internet marketing company for sales, brand awareness, loyalty as well as analytics and control.

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