With every strategic alliance Pathwwway forges, this market leader powers client companies through its partnerships with leading brands. Top names in the digital marketing and analytics industry have been associated with Pathwwway, offering unbeatable advantages for clients worldwide. From global telco Mobivate to email marketing solutions provider Silverpop, each of these Pathwwway partners brings innovation to the table and value addition to the business game plan. Delving deeper into how these strategic partnerships and game-changing alliances benefit clients, let’s learn more about each of the world-class brands that have joined hands with Pathwwway:

  • Mobivate: Pioneers in SMS Marketing

International telco Mobivate works across industries and verticals to offer cutting-edge, innovative mobile solutions. Since its inception in 2004, Mobivate has pioneered bulk and premium SMS marketing solutions for big and small businesses alike. Besides international delivery of text messages, it also excels at voice calling and mobile billing. Working with thousands of companies and top brands, Mobivate has offered mobile solutions for companies so they can effectively and cost-efficiently communicate with staff, suppliers, as well as customers, using the best communication channels out there.

Going strong in a competitive industry for more than a decade, Mobivate offers mobile solutions that reach audiences instantly and cost-effectively. A mobile billing aggregator connecting with network operators in different countries worldwide, Mobivate offers customers multiple platforms and options to bill mobile phone handsets.

Its plethora of apps across data management, voice calling and mobile security set this business apart from the others. Mobivate’s flawless Robocall enables pre-recorded MP3 audio and voice messages to be transmitted as phone calls to customers seamlessly. Its Call Centre app is for effortlessly making and receiving calls and transmitting SMSes to customers. Pathwwway partners these leading brands because it values its clients.

Through its Wave platform, companies can schedule dynamic SMS or voice messages that occur repeatedly or periodically while setting these up once. All that is required is to purchase local numbers, customise caller IDs and record phone calls for training, quality assessment and customer care purposes. On top of that, detailed logs make call tracking simple. Clients of this dynamic mobile messaging brand include HyperLocal, ZipCar, MKG, Paul Young, Ministry of Sound, Mercedes Benz, Dominoes Pizza, Fabric and Pizza Go Go (UK).

  • Optimove: Leaders in Retention Marketing

A science-first customer relationship marketing hub, Optimove is a trusted service provider for over 300 customer-centred businesses to drive enormous growth through customer engagement. This industry leader offers an automated retention marketing platform for marketers to boost customer engagement and build brand loyalty. Headquarters are in NYC and the founder and CEO of Optimove, Pini Yakuel has spearheaded a successful retention marketing hub that combines marketing with data to generate actionable insights. Optimove empowers marketers to deliver campaigns that are highly personalised across diverse channels. Customer retention, engagement, lifetime value and client spend are thus maximised. Some of the top brands that rely on Optimove for its exceptional platform and services include Family Dollar, Staples, Deezer, Adore Me, Go Compare, among others.

  • New Relic: Cutting-Edge Digital Intelligence Solutions

New Relic is a full-stack visibility and analytics powering, digital intelligence company which caters to over 40 per cent of the Fortune 100 companies out there. Among the top Pathwwway partners for real-time performance insights into customer experience, software and infrastructure, this powerhouse helps software-driven businesses to innovate rapidly.

New Relic further cuts across the risk and complexity linked to digital transformation. It helps clients to accelerate cloud adoption and operate efficiently by eliminating redundancies. It offers Pathwwway clients the chance to grow revenue by releasing 100 per cent more often and improve operations through reduced revenue leakage and increased cloud migration.

Through its cloud-based solutions, client companies can benefit from a single curated user interface scaling across the entire organisation. Since it was founded in 2008, it has been honoured with the Marketo Revvie Awards and deemed the Hottest Company San Francisco for 2012 and among the Best Places to Work in Bay Area for 2013 and 2012, among other awards. It’s also the Oregon Technology Award winner for 2017.  New Relic offers cutting-edge solutions that transform your business by offering end-to-end digital insights for boosting customer experience, app performance plus dynamic infrastructure.

  • Mixpanel: Advanced Analytics Software for Mobile and Web

Specialising in mobile and web analytics, Mixpanel leads the industry by a wide margin. It helps clients to build better products and with 20,000 customers globally and 14% of Fortune 500 companies worldwide among its clients, it’s doing a great job of crafting delightful customer experience through innovative analytics.

The Mixpanel team works at creative solutions that are scalable, reliable and geared towards meeting customer needs. With offices in San Francisco, New York, Seattle, London and Salt Lake City, this 2009 computer software firm offers just about every data-driven strategy you can think of. It specialises in data analytics, mining and visualisation. It also excels at mobile analytics, product analytics, split testing, machine learning, AI, user and predictive analytics.

  • Inspectlet: Monitoring Solutions for Site Visitors

Inspectlet offers exceptional and novel technologies for recording site visitors as they use the site. Videos recorded show every scroll, click, key press and mouse movement on your site. It enables businesses to track users, see where they’re clicking and what’s actually working online. Founded in 2011, Inspectlet specialises in session recording, funnel analytics, user experience and analytics, and heatmap generation.

With smarter web analytics, Inspectlet lets companies monitor clients. Since its inception, Inspectlet has helped 90K clients unlock data-driven insights. Further, conversion funnels show where and why people are dropping off. Inspectlet also offers JavaScript tagging API to send metadata for users or sessions for filtering and identifying individual users and marking events. Besides eye tracking, clicks and scrolls, Inspectlet even offers recordings and heatmaps of these to give your firm the insights it needs to thrive.

  • LiveChat Inc: Premium Live Chat App

Since it was founded in 2002, this is one of the best cloud-based providers of premium live chat apps Pathwwway partners with. LiveChat allows 24/7 support for customers and offers robust help desk software solutions in over 40 languages and 140 countries by SMBs and enterprises, both B2B and B2C. This live chat helpdesk service integrates on any webpage. Increasing sales and offering real-time support is seamless for clients relying on this live chat application. Instant feedback is also available based on how chat agents manage support. LiveChat currently powers over 26,000 clients including IKEA, Stripe, PayPal, ING, McDonald’s, TED, cPanel, Kayak, Unilever, Practo, Adobe, Cloudify, PBS and many more. 

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