The ecommerce market is booming, as we advance into an era defined by smartphone shopping and online purchases in a single click of a mouse. Statista found that ecommerce in the US alone generated $392.5 billion in 2017. The figure is expected to increase by  $400 billion in 2018 per annum. With rising competition in the industry, business owners seek to make their website attractive and functional at the same time for users. This is also true of the saturated ticket sales industry.

The latest ecommerce website development technologies have revitalised ticket sales firms. By using the latest technology trends, ecommerce website development seeks to improve the experience of the ticket buyer drastically. Here are the top ecommerce website development trends that have shaped the ticket sales industry.

#1 Virtual Sales Assistance: The Emergence of Chatbots

There are many customers that seek to buy tickets, but the personalised experience of having interactions with sales assistants is something which costs businesses a lot. This is where the virtual assistant or the chatbot plays an important role. This permits customers to comment or question and concerns can be answered on a real-time basis. The basic queries pertaining to customer questions are answered by bots. These can be programmed to learn how responses can be made to numerous customer queries. Most complex queries and issues can be answered through the use of chatbots.

#2 The Value of Mobile-First Sites

More customers are coming in to use smartphones and tablets for online ticket sales. According to Gartner, mobile ecommerce revenue is rising due to the engaging nature of smartphones. Mobile commerce also generates considerable revenue from digital commerce. Whether it’s payment methods for ecommerce web development or other features, these need to be optimised for smartphones.

#3 The Evolution of Messaging Apps

Communication on a one to one basis has risen. More businesses are sending promotions, contents and information using messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and many more. Messaging apps are a major ecommerce website development trend for the ticket sales industry, where sales can be boosted by sending messages to customers.

Customers who sign up for services will be engaged with the certain brand. Top ticket sales sites are using live onsite chats, messaging apps and social media messaging forums for better customer service.  This is one of the leading ecommerce website development trends to impact this industry.

#4 Importance of Ecommerce Site Security

For the ticket sales industry, security while making purchases online is a guarantee their customers now demand. Online details and credentials are becoming valuable for customers; ecommerce security is rapidly gaining in importance. Whether it is exploiting social accounts, gaining or stealing information, clients need protection. The ecommerce website popularity is directly impacted by the safety factor and security from such hackers and cyber criminals.

#5 The Relevance of IoT

Recent studies by McKinsey have found using IoT in ecommerce sites increases revenue between USD 410 billion to USD 1.2 trillion by 2025. With the assistance of IoT, ticket sales company sites are now using connected devices for communicating with customers, tracking actions and sending new promotions and offers. IoT  has been gaining credence in recent times.

With the aid of ecommerce development, one can connect to clients worldwide. A connected online ticket sales experience is the norm in this industry. Whether it’s one click purchase, virtual sales assistance, IoT, messenger app and mobile shopping, ecommerce web development is changing at a rapid pace and businesses as well as brands have started adopting it to remain competitive.

Technology has enabled search, customisation and personalisation for customers, which is becoming an obligatory feature expected from ecommerce ventures like the ticket sales companies. As technologies gain in sophistication and advance over time, they increasingly play an important role in the ecommerce value chain.

#6 24/7 Sales: The Website as a Marketing Tool

Mobile devices are changing the way we live. They are also changing the face of the ticket sales industry. As mobile penetration rises, and 4G connectivity in mobile networks are rolled out over the world, users all over the globe are experiencing faster and more reliable mobile internet experience, giving rise to m-commerce 24/7, 365 days of the year.

The website has become a potent marketing tool for the ticket sales industry. With new ecommerce apps, e-tailers are encouraging customers to shop via apps and responsive sites. This serves as a direct sales channel between ticket sales companies and the customer.

#7 AI Powers Personalisation

In the present era of a hyper commoditized market, differentiating your ticket sales business from the leading names in the industry is a tough job; ecommerce vendors focus on providing an excellent customer experience. This is why technologies and ecommerce web development have become the driving force for personalisation. Each customer is king, rather than part of a mass market.

Ecommerce is being transformed by devising unique solutions. For the ticket sales industry,  AI-technologies holds the potential for adaptable and dynamic targeting, helping companies to gain the right pitch, at the correct time, for every customer on every single platform. The boundaries between brick and mortar units and online retailers is now blurring. AI based personalisation leads to conversion of one-time transactions besides driving trust based, personal relationships between the ticket buyer and the online ticket sales retailer, thereby improving customer lifetime value.

Final Word

Ticket sales companies and the entire ticketing industry is driven by rising demand for ecommerce services. While this is more so for certain demographics such as millennials, for digital natives or even earlier generations, technology is a part of everyday life. It is paying the way for ecommerce to metamorphose into a major presence in the lives of users. Ecommerce web development trends are set to allow ticketing companies to reach a worldwide audience unlike ever before. According to eMarketer, worldwide retail sales are expected to reach USD 4 trillion by 2020. As technology advances, the ecommerce ticket sales retailers will stand to gain more and more. So will the customers.

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