When it comes to buzzwords, nothing beats tech-savvy ecommerce web development, given the high levels of internet usage today. Whether it’s social media or web presence, businesses that stay ahead thrive from the word go if they have a massive online presence. Since the explosion of ecommerce sites over past few years, online shopping has become the norm.

Even brick-and-mortar retailers are rapidly making the transition to click-and-brick. Looking to capture an online channel for growth makes a lot of sense. Investing in ecommerce web development makes sense, especially since online retail is here to stay. Lowering operational costs, ecommerce offers customer convenience, wider market access and immense returns on investment for any business. Here are some of the top ecommerce web development strategies your business cannot do without:

#1 Build Trust

Winning the trust of the target audience is important. What makes sense here is that customers won’t buy from you if they don’t trust you. One study found that 70% of web shoppers abandoned their cart if they did not trust a site. For the perfect ecommerce site, marking authenticity is about more than placing a quality seal. Peer recognition, awards and accolades must also find their way onto ecommerce sites. The security features of the ecommerce site are also important.

The website needs to be scrutinised and secure data transmission needs to be in place. Users must carry out secure data transmission while buying from your website. SSL certificates and high-level encryption are some of the security features your site must have in place. Independent research firm TNS found that audiences online are aware of seals. Close to 79% of online buyers said they would trust an ecommerce site with a trust seal.

#2 Be Responsive

Having mobile-friendly designs is important. Mobile devices are the first choice of smartphone users. Google has set the standards, when it comes to responsive, mobile-friendly web design which websites should adhere to.

Making sites mobile-friendly is important. Their adoption for ecommerce players is critical, as traffic on online shopping sites has risen through the smartphone platform. With so many different plug-ins, extensions and platforms on the market, developing an ecommerce site is not hard. Shopify and WooCommerce are some of the top platforms in use. Using ecommerce web development strategies that work is important. So is selecting the optimal platform.

#3 Incorporating Specific Branding Elements

Before commissioning ecommerce experts to build a site, specific branding elements need to be incorporated throughout. With ecommerce expertise in place, the design and development of the site should score on brand awareness. With effective planning and implementation of these strategies, attracting more customers, increasing sales or creating an environment that invites customers to return to the future and improve productivity works out well.

#4 Know Your Metrics and Numbers

If you want to be clear about how the website is working, measuring the impact is essential. Based on your business structure as well as products and processes being promoted on the site, finding an effective way to measure relevance, popularity and conversion rates on the site is essential.

Your website should be designed to help your business grow and boost your productivity. When the website starts, there are many different aspects of the site to be considered. This includes feature, functionality, content and design. Ecommerce web development strategies need to be more than just responsive; they also need to be easy to track for metrics like bounce rate, cart abandonment rates and visitor engagement.

#5 Site Search is Important

Statistics show close to 30% of visitors on eCommerce sites seek to find and search for products they want. So search functionality needs to be easy to use and available. Additionally, features like auto-complete can also enable users to find products they seek. Your ecommerce site should have faceted search facilities too, permitting users to filter their search based on defined parameters or criteria. The product information also needs to be well-defined and organised, permitting powerful site search capabilities.

#6 Optimise Site Performance

In case the site is slow, one is likely to lose customers (and business). Research shows that 40% of users abandon a site that takes more than three seconds for loading. This is more true for smartphone users, who multi-task as they access websites and quit one in favour of another that loads faster. Your site needs to be optimised as fast as possible.

Here are the ways to ensure your site runs smoothly. Combine the site’s CSS resources files or JavaScript on to single files to speed up interaction with the site. The users have to download only one JS file or style sheet rather than 5 to 10. Other ecommerce web development strategies for optimising the site is to compress images and get the best visuals in record time, without downloading time shooting up. Using caching is another important way to reduce the time spent sending data between the database and web server.

SEO is another ecommerce web development strategies tool. Whether it’s keyword analysis, assessing competitors or understanding how to use tag lines and engaging information, SEO or search engine optimisation is the key. SEO is a rich and powerful tool that makes it possible for the site to reach a wider audience. Targeted sites can reach a niche and attract customers from different segments.

#7 Build Powerful Messages

Marketing messages that are engaging, incisive and powerful can make audiences interested in your products and services. They can also boost customer loyalty. This is what forms the core of an optimal ecommerce site. Besides incorporating branding messages, the sites need to be able to grow exponentially and creating marketing messages that resonate with customers is an important way to do this. Ecommerce web development is the key to an engaging site and vibrant online presence.

The ecommerce web development strategies you follow can make or break your business. It is imperative that you hire a quality website services provider for the best deal and outcomes that add value to your business. Choose the best web strategists and your ecommerce site will get the winning edge it deserves.

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