Finding the best gaming website development ideas is essential for those who want to promote their  gaming business. Whether it’s sharing the latest gaming news, project announcements or establishing new connections with gamers across the world, the gaming industry needs to incorporate cutting-edge ecommerce web development ideas for better reach. Creating and running a website is hardly a challenge for online games developers. But here are the latest web development ideas for those looking to take their online presence to a whole new level:

  • Deciding on Site Goals

The gaming industry needs website presence for a wide number of reasons. Whether it’s sharing news about game platforms, projects, events or updates or posting game reviews, gathering communities to stay in touch with fellow thinkers or establish new connections or platforms for gaming solutions online, websites are an essential part of the gaming industry. Even if you are organising an online store for games and gaming products, you need to opt for feature loaded sites with a dynamic, interactive and user-centric interface.

Many popular sites use dark colour schemes to create engaging and interesting ambience. Popular shares for websites for the gaming industry include black, brown, khaki and grey. The overall colour palette of the gaming sites can feature lighter hues.

Colour accents can be used to create battle scenes or bight shades to remind gamers of dust, smoke or earth. Most ecommerce website development trends influencing the gaming industry focus on colour schemes to maintain a connection with the user.

  • Content Choice and Organisation

Content is essential for gaming sites too. It makes sense to load the website with content once layouts are ready. Websites should have the usual sections like About Us, Contacts and Home Page. Additionally, there could be a ‘news or reviews’ page to post data about new or upcoming games, platforms and gaming products. Gaming sites come with visual content and media. This is another key ecommerce web development idea. Vibrant pictures, videos, clips, screenshots, audio content and multiple widgets or apps come into play.

  • The Rise of Videos

Video content is another essential feature of gaming sites. It requires creating a separate page with sub-categories. Video content comprises game trailers, teasers, video reviews, previews, tips and strategies as well as interviews and podcasts with games and app developers.

Large video previews are essential. Gaming websites also feature more categories and sub-categories than other websites so creating the best navigation menu is vital. A drop-down navigation can really help while taking gamers to choose versatile categories like Consoles, Games divided by types, manufacturer or technologies. Based on the type of the menu, the users can navigate between pages with comfort.

  • Mobile-First Designs

With the fast evolution of the mobile world, creating a mobile-friendly version of the site is hugely recommended. Sites have to feature responsive designs that can be used on any mobile device. This is especially useful if mobile games pages on the website allow users to play or download apps and games from websites right on to the device.

These site designs are useful for app and software developers. A site where users can actually play games is different from review style sites and community hubs. Once the style of the site is chosen, it is essential to narrow down the niche. By creating a niche, you brand yourself as an authority and expand to other niches.

For game review sites, you need to consider coverage, genre or console and focus of content like game reviews and walkthroughs. Check if you are building the site for a certain age group and a certain style of game. For gaming community hubs, you need to focus on a set of games, forum access or even downloadable game builds.

  • Choosing the Right Platform

There are numerous methods used to build out a site, from website building to full-blown content management systems. The ecommerce web development trends for the gaming industry focus on a customised approach based on site goals and overall functionality. Website builders are easy to use. But for increased customisation, themes on open source CMS like WordPress such a Games Zone and You Play may be beneficial.

With the platform, customising the site is the next step. The key should be to serve users, no matter which gaming direction one chooses to pick. The overall site design needs to align with the theme and niche to be pursued. A website agency can help you create a user-friendly, easily navigable and hi-tech site.

  • Choosing the Right Theme

Gaming website themes should help the viewer get familiar and comfortable with the site. There are many gaming website builders specialising in clans and guilds. Others offer templates used to tweak the niche site. Choose a builder who can give your website a unique look. The sense of community in gaming is strong. For your gaming website, you need to set up forums, chat channels or blogs where players can interact with you and one another. Apps and plugins are also useful.

Your site should also be geared towards uploading maps, sharing gameplay videos and uploading game-related files. Consequently, a sizeable storage allocation for the site is essential. Some website designs can even incorporate this as a crucial feature for your gaming site.

  • Tactile Design

Tactile design is another component of ecommerce web development trends impacting the gaming industry. It emerged from the principles of material design, and modernised trends in gaming development from 2010. Tactile design makes objects appear real in digital space. The material is grounded in tactile reality yet advanced and open to imagination.

Additionally, there are no borders or windows. Certain elements like text cross over from one element and/or screen to the next. Tactile design also incorporates a 3-D feel for a more realistic look. There’s use of drop shadows to distinguish layers and instil more realism into the gaming site. Purposeful motion is at the key of this gaming development idea, as opposed to simple animation.

From using header videos to tappable buttons and gesture controls that can hide and display information at will, there’s a lot of ecommerce web development trends that have impacted the gaming industry. Implementing voice activation, unique and modern designs, VR or virtual reality and push notifications are just some other web development trends that have impacted the way the gaming industry is using websites to boost its online presence.

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