Listening to customers is just about the most important action for a growth-oriented business. For any business that seeks to tap cost and revenue synergies, Pathwwway customer retention strategies and plans are an invaluable competitive differentiator. Customers are becoming accustomed to interacting with chatbots or customer service. In fact, good customer care is critical for customer retention.

A survey found 51 per cent of consumers indicated businesses need to be available online. Meeting customer needs is the reason why 79 percent of customers say they seek 24/7 interaction through live chat. So, let’s dive deep into the customer retention programs, plans and strategies the Pathwwway team offers, for your business to unleash its growth potential:

  • Customer Happiness= Brand Advocacy

Using measure to assess customer satisfaction is an effective measure of the client’s opinions about your brand. It also creates deeper understanding about what customers have come to expect and how likely they are to recommend your business to a friend or colleague. Once the rating is received, follow-up questions can unearth just how customer preferences can be better met. In a nutshell, customer advocacy stems from customer satisfaction and a happy customer is not just a satisfied client, but also a brand evangelist.

  • Feedback For Client Retention

Whether the answer is sourced from email prompts, insights through interviews, questions on live chat or honest criticism about how relationships can improve, the feedback gathered via questions to clients provides information brands can bank on.

  • Loyalty Programs & Customer Retention

The Pathwwway consumer retention team focuses on establishing loyalty programs for existing customers and building a solid customer base. Customers end up appreciating incentives to work together. Loyalty programs don’t stem from just monetary perspectives; while sensitive pricing and deep discounts are a way to the client’s wallet, grabbing wallet share is all about understanding customer values and beliefs. Capitalising on customer’s shared beliefs and values by promoting brand authenticity and fostering credibility is the key.

  • Decoding Retention Analytics

While working with companies, the Pathwwway ltd customer retention team also works round-the-clock to assess service levels, call metrics and what really matters to the customer. Retention targets must be met in such a way that not just management objectives but customer needs are met as well.

Brands can explore whether customer concerns are addressed using the retention surveys and the Pathwwway group also derives analytics to offer competitive market insights and business intelligence to client companies. Exclusive deals for loyal customers should create a sense of value, if they are able to foster retention. Acquiring a new customer costs 7x times more than retaining an existing one. So, it is vital to retain customers if you value business growth and Pathwwway works at this consistently.

  • Winning Back Customers 

Winning back customers is the essence of effective Pathwwway customer retention. A brilliant retention strategy used by the Pathwwway team, winning customers back through value-added products, services and value-for-money deals is an ingenious way to boost customer retention rates. To get the most of the customer lifetime value, win-back strategies are essential. These are also vital for reducing customer churn.

So, whether it’s designing loyalty cards or evolving your loyalty points program, the Pathwwway retention team is on the job, 24/7. Implementing a loyalty program along with excellent customer service and competitive products is the recipe for increased sales and improved customer retention. Rewards need to encourage continued purchases. Adding the gamification element or getting creative with customers can lead to earning or redemption of points.

  • Welcoming Customers Back

Another key to lowering customer churn is assessing past behaviour and making inferences on the basis of that. Research shows that the more a customer buys from you, the more likely they are to buy from the brand in the future. conducted research which found the likelihood of purchase goes up by 27 per cent by the third order of the customer.

To get to that point, the Pathwwway client retention team can help you along the way. Your one-time buyers can easily make a second purchase. Welcome and thank you campaigns are effective and simple ways to accomplish this. Such campaigns can also be implemented through emails. Customers are more engaged during and following the purchase. This hyper engagement is advantageous.

Loyal customers must be rewarded and one of the most cost-efficient ways to do this is to value your customers. Whether it’s free shipping or discounts, exclusive offers can make a difference. Another core strategy followed by the Pathwwway customer retention team is gamification. This improves customer retention by making businesses enjoyable to interact with. Some of the key elements include competition, goal completion, reward receipt and achievement of exclusive offers. Key ways to implement gamification into the business include points systems, referral programs and contests.

In the age of automation and email, it’s the heartfelt gestures and personal B2C relationships that matter the most. Building personal relationships that differentiate ecommerce businesses and improve customer retention are at the heart of Pathwwway customer retention strategies. Personal gestures are remarkable and surprising your customers lays the foundation for lasting relationships. In crowded online marketplaces, sending personalised offers makes the customer feel special.

  • Focus on Retention Metrics

Whether it’s increase in average order value, repeat purchase frequency or total number of customers, getting the basics right is important. The ecommerce industry thrives on the 80-20 rule, which means 80 per cent of the revenue comes from 20 percent of the existing clientele. The best way to improve customer retention rate is converting a one-time buyer into a repeat purchaser. A personalised shopping experience should align with values.

Getting to know your customers better is easier, with the Pathwwway customer retention plan on schedule. The audience segments need to be understood and users can gain a personalised shopping experience effortlessly. Whether it’s push notifications or instant clickable messages that can be sent via other smart devices, the retention team excels at product announcements, sending catchy product alerts, sales and discounts.

These are personalised based on browsing behaviour or customer’s previous interaction. Targeting customers is the key to leading them through the marketing funnel and clinching the sales deal repeatedly.

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