Personalization runs in our blood of consumers. Right from the spotify playlists they listen to, from the preferred selection of toppings on their pizzas, to the custom-made mobile billing plan every month, customers love the brands that offer them personalized services. To make your existing customers come back for repeat business, their buying preference must be analyzed. It is only the power of customer data that can leverage personalization in your customer retention strategies.

  • Invest In Customer Intelligence

Marketing automation is not a substitute to customer intelligence. Effective customer intelligence is not about 24 x 7 customer surveillance but about driving business growth with genuine customer insights. Such insight-driven loyalty campaigns go a long way into decreasing the cost to retain a customer. Knowing the pain points of the customer encourage businesses to recommend relevant products and services. This helps in the reduction of second purchase latency and accelerates the brand building process. Despite these advantages, the potential of customer intelligence is yet to be realized. According to a survey by Customer Think, over 40% of insights generated by customer intelligence are stale and cannot be actioned upon.

  • Mobile Based Loyalty Programs Are Great For Personalization

App based strategies are the best to customize your customer retention strategies. As against any other form of marketing, it is only app based marketing that gets the exclusive attention of mobile customer without any distractions. Macy’s all-new app-based loyalty programs provide personalised merchandise suggestions and the mobile check-out process has been made faster and simpler. Mobile based loyalty programs can be personalized to the buying patterns of existing customers. Similarly SMS marketing is a hit with loyalty-based purchases. News on relevant offers, discounts and new product launches can be delivered to the mobile screens with convenient QR codes to ease the conversion and retention processes.

  • Multi-Lingual Loyalty Programs

To leverage personalization in loyalty programs, using first names of customers or gifting them T-shirts with their names printed are only tips of the iceberg. Your business must be accessible to customers no matter where they are located. And every customer feels at home only when the landing page welcomes him automatically in his or her native language. Similarly multilingual loyalty programs help in getting customers aboard onto their comfort zones. Such strategies enable a high degree of personalization for the Auckland based sports clothing brand, Icebreaker. Besides unleashing their customer retention strategies in multiple languages like German, French, English and others, it gets customers to grow their Icebreaker profile through transactions, engagement, subscription to social causes and advocacy.

  • From Generic Mails To Targeted Email Loyalty Campaigns

When compared to generic and promotional mails that undergo the risk of hitting the spam folder, targeted mails are more retentive, with personalized content. With over 14.5 million active users, the online food delivery specialist Grubhub delights its customers with personalized emails that follow the first order. Great offers with tempting visuals of sumptuous dishes hit the inboxes regularly, with location, season and time-relevant content. The organization has used customer data effectively in planning lifecycle campaigns. Similarly email marketing is great for behavioural retargeting which is of the most personalized retention marketing technique, based on the last online or social media activity of the customer.

  • Value-Adding Customer Retention Plans With Geo-Fencing

Setting up a geo-fence will help you surprise your customers with appropriate push notifications the moment they near your store. Proximity marketing is all about bringing customers in the neighbourhood within the loyalty circle. As you invite customers to frequent your business, by understanding their locational context, they find you reachable and thoughtful. It works on the logic that nearer customers are to your store, the closer they are to the buying state of mind. Geofencing is an ideal way to understand offline behaviour of customers . Location aware mobile apps can help in the implementation of loyalty campaigns tailored to the location of mobile users  who constitute a substantial portion of sales revenue in-store.

  • Build Contextual Retention Programs

Understanding a customer makes sense only when his buying context is understood properly. To make customers buy again and again, contextual intelligence helps businesses in knowing what, when and why they made the last purchase and how to recreate the same context. For example, when a business tracks customer usage of a service like online accounting software and understands the context of usage, it can automatically feature explainer videos online to help the customer when a difficulty in invoicing is sensed. Also, automating the marketing process will help deliver mails and messages when a specific user is relatively free on certain days or certain times in a day. Contextual marketing to existing customers results in personalized retargeting.

  • Hyper-Personalized Customer Portraits For Enhancing Brand Loyalty

Most often loyalty marketers confuse customer profiling with hyper-personalization. Soon as you enter personal details of a customer, his profile gets created in the system. But such profiling does not suffice in case you which to remarket to him on a personalized basis. Hyper-personalization scores where traditional profiling fails and seeks to capture subtle details of customers. It analyzes the browsing behaviour of customers and draws critical insights form the same in order drive loyalty in a personalized manner. With a hyper-personalized loyalty campaign, every customer is pampered and is treated like royalty with exclusive content tailored according to his expressed and implied online behaviour. This is the Pathwwway Limited secret behind how you get a prompt SMS from that online book store when you abandon session for any reason, inquiring as to what is wrong and providing a choice of highly relevant solutions.

Entrusting the retention marketing goals to professional hands will result in a curated and extremely personalized loyalty campaign, managed end-to-end, to serve the needs of highly differentiated customer personas. Though there are limitless e-loyalty tools that come free, it requires precision and targeted marketing skills to tailor these platforms according to the needs of your own target market. Understanding why customers seek your products and services is more effective than finding out what goods they buy. It is not surprising that Scott Maw, the CEO of Starbucks remarks that personalization drives business growth like nothing else.

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