Customer retention strategies have revived the health and fitness industry in distinct ways. Many fitness centres and health clubs deploy special deals to get customers interested. Neglecting loyalty marketing can cause loss of valuable profits from potential repeat clients. Those clubs and centres that focus on marketing efforts for acquiring fresh customers without thinking about loyalty/retention marketing will lose out. Essentially, marketing for retention is a wonderful way to keep customers returning and finding a loyalty program that blends in well with your business. Here are the retention strategies active and effective in the fitness and healthcare industries:

  • Reinforce Consumers

A points-linked customer retention program is considered the cornerstone of loyalty marketing. Customising the program for any health or fitness business means focusing on exactly what you require your customers to purchase. Personal trainers can offer free training hours after specific paid services. For those who own a health or fitness club or studio, a free private session or class is the key.

Once paid training sessions are over, members keep returning for more. Keeping customers involved and engaged with the loyalty or customer retention strategies offer multiple rewards for various participation levels. Each tier could come with new rewards and benefits. Your customer retention program needs to be dual in focus. Offering present customers an amazing incentive for new referrals is another useful retention strategy.

  • Make A Game of It

Channelling any client’s competitive spirits with a good game pits clients against others and keeps them interested. Retention strategies need to simplify deals, and offer rewards for members using facilities more frequently. Focus on boosting engagement and getting involved by offering points for different services and provides rewards to customers who gain maximum points.

Focusing on fresh memberships is not enough. This can be a real downer for businesses by leaving a percentage of the customer’s lifetime value underutilised.

  • Making Clients Feel Welcome

According to research by American Express, it is critical to assess the levels of satisfaction of consumers. While an app is the ideal route for measuring customer satisfaction, even the customer care facilities should focus on retention and keeping existing customers happy. Ensuring clients return for more is only possible, if the service they receive through your establishment determines whether they remain clients or not. Focus on how to ensure clients feel special and you will have won the customer retention challenge.

  • Email Marketing To Build Contacts

Retention through email marketing is an excellent means to provide returns on investment for businesses. In the fitness industry, it serves to retain clients, too. Sharing new classes, products or trainer sessions is the way to success and building interest. Clients need to feel motivated to return to the healthcare or fitness sessions at your establishment. The digital communication also helps to track aspects such as click-through-rates and open rates so that your message reaches its intended recipient.

Programming and sharing social media messages, sending promotional and retention mails or interacting with clients helps to keep them returning to your fitness or health unit.

  • Special Rewards For Loyal Clients

Customer loyalty programs are wonderful for a fitness or health facilities. Distinctive rewards for check-ins for specific or fixed time periods, for example, will motivate clients to regularly visit health clubs and fitness centres. Workout sessions double as challenges or contests ensure clients return to your fitness or health centre in the face of active competition. Rewards for loyalty or customer retention programs can be as simple or complex as required in keeping with the brand image. The whole aim of the customer retention strategies of reward and reinforcement is to keep clients coming in through the door.

  • Think Social

No matter how superlative your health service or fitness products are, it is important to be able to meet the complaints and queries associated with it on social media. Clients can feel special when their issues are resolved quickly. Several issues can be a challenge and social media offers the perfect platform for resolving complaints and responding promptly. Maintaining a feedback process is a wonderful means of encouraging clients to share their insights. Try incentives to gain feedback and use two-way email communication to elicit feedback through replies or email surveys.

  • Develop Amazing Products and Services

Developing amazing products or offer quality service and offer standards no one else can. Maintaining product integrity is an effective way to keep customers coming back. From the staff to the engaging or welcoming facilities and equipment, every aspect of your health clinic or fitness centre should offer the best deals. Personalised customer retention strategies from Pathwwway Limited are essential to ensure clients remain engaged and active. Retaining clients in these industries is more than just focusing on demographics; it’s also about understanding the lifestyle choices of clients as well as their workloads and health or fitness status.

As per research by IHRSA, many fitness or health clubs have attrition rates of 30 to 50 percent. This means that gyms lose around 50 per cent of their clients over the course of a year. Research carried out by The Retention People/TRP discovered close to 88 per cent of group session members were retained as against 82 per cent of individual members.

Encouraging group memberships ensures that more people enjoy the company and the fitness routine. Among top-notch health clubs, a common trend that impacts member loyalty is the impressive facilities and awesome staff that offer a competitive advantage. Giving customers what they want is important. Create a sense of community among your members.

  • Prioritise Cost-Efficiency

Gym or health clubs need to have clarity and transparency about financial assistance, payment plans or discounts being offered. Engaging with customers and using price as a competitive differentiator along with service quality is important. Value your members and retaining them will be easier.

  • Onboarding for Members

When individuals opt for fitness or health centre membership, your company or group needs to provide the assistance and guidance to walk them through an exercise class. Offer free training and orientation for individual members. This causes existing members to get engaged immediately, ensuring they are fully in-the-know about  all deals and services on offer.

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