Overview Of The Internet Industry In UK

ISPs provide a variety of services that help people with internet access, web hosting, domain name registration and other associated services. The target market is fragmented and diverse, with both B2B and B2C customers. The British Telecom boasts a market size of 9,339,000 subscribers while 5,202,900-strong is the user base of Virgin Media. Though the market size is increasing, customer churn has become a persistent problem even for major ISPs like Direct Save, Sky UK and Plus Net. Customer retention programs that are deployed, make use of business intelligence tools and analytics to satisfy the highly demanding database of existing customers.

  • Enhancing Service Quality

There are no shortcuts about this. Service quality is the highest determinant of customer loyalty. The ISPA (Internet Service Providers Association), UK upholds that it is only continuous innovation, knowledge and experience that can win loyal customers for its members. Service quality is the bread and butter for ISPs to hold onto existing customers and engage them in loyal associations. Cambridge based Bridge Fibre Limited provides state-of-art VOIP telephony, hosting and cloud services and claims to provide internet at the speed of light to its loyal customers. It promises to reduce costs by way of providing a professionally managed phone system that is delivered on existing internet connection. The organization has also earned a 5 star rating from TrustPilot, as a mark of providing impeccable service quality.

  • Providing Lightning Fast And Effective Technical Support

Customer retention is secured by providing timely and accommodative customer service. ISPs compete with each other and identify novel means of reducing the waiting time for customers. VIP customers get privileged options to faster customer support. The Vodafone customer care online is quite helpful with a range of pre-answered FAQs that can solve multiple queries for customers. The Very Me Rewards are offered in the form of weekly discounts and giveaways  that can be claimed easily by loyal customers by using My Vodafone app, even on the go. The customer service crew is adequately trained and familiarized  with all loyalty offers of extra data, gifts and bonuses. They offer instant resolution of queries regarding qualification for loyalty offers and non-credit of loyalty points and the like. Training and support are the vital resources for providing excellent customers care.

  • Personalization Of Services Provided

Understanding the target market is an important step when you decide to implement Pathwwway limited customer retention programs . Different user personas have different demands. British Telecom has identified new means to promote brand loyalty among its sports loving audiences by providing free or subsidized access to watch UEFA Champions League, the Europa League Football etc. Fighting the increasing cases of loyalty penalties, BT has announced its plans of cutting down at least £7 on its bill for over 1 million loyal customers. a loyalty penalty happens when loyal customers end up paying more than the new customers for availing the same services. The case of loyalty penalty has become common in the case of ISPs.

  • Making Bill Payments Easier

This is an area that internet service providers cannot afford to ignore. Many customers have switched brands for the simple reason that the payments procedure is complicated and many bills go unpaid, before the penalty for non-payment shoots up and aggravates customers. Timely reminders, non-cash incentives for early payments of bills and offering waivers in deserving cases, will win the emotions of existing customers. Virgin Media offers quickest means of accepting payments through direct debits and card payments. Pay zone outlets are available at many physical locations for accepting cash. My Virgin Media accounts can be created for saving time and effort on paying future bills. Bundle offers are flashed strategically during bill payment. These offers club unlimited broadband with TV and phone options up to a speed of 200 Mbps. The Red Friday Free TV are great customer retention programs for customers choosing to self-install, while the Virgin Full House Sky Sports and Cinema option is available to existing customers.

  • VIP Loyalty Schemes

Customer expect to be appreciated and rewarded for their loyalty. When your loyalty schemes bring them sustained returns, it makes the switching over process difficult for them. The VIP loyalty scheme of SKY UK is quite popular for raining customers with special offers, prizes and event tickets. Lucky customers are entitled to win free tickets for major sports events like British Masters and the Premier League. The different VIP tiers are labelled Silver, Platinum, Gold and Black on the basis of years of association with the brand. The My Sky loyalty app has turned to be highly beneficial in providing a one-tap access to the rewards points and offers to customers. The Sky Atlantic VIP is an exclusive channel to Gold tier members, that offers premier viewing entitlements for many new shows and programs.

  • Referral Marketing – to boost retention and acquisition

This is often a double-edged plan used by major ISPs. Rewarding existing customers for referring friends, will incentivize them to stay hooked to your brand. Additionally, fresh sales pour in from the newly referred customers. Five time winner of the Superfast Broadband Awards from the ISPA, the Hyperoptic, provides an excellent referral scheme wherein every existing customer is given £50 off from his bill for referring a friend. The subtle twist in the scheme is that the friend needs to subscribe a 12 month contract failing which the offer does not work for the existing customer. Furthermore, only after the friend has been active for over 30 days, the reward becomes accessible. In case the referrer is not a Hyperoptic customer, a £15 Amazon gift voucher is mailed. Extra mile efforts like these promote goodwill and leads to brand awareness in the midst of new customers as well.

ISPs in UK face a demanding target market, and they very well realize that every effort must be taken to keep them from switching over to competitor brands.


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