Travel booking and planning agencies have observed a clear transformation within the previous 10 years. Whether it’s travelling for leisure or business, modern clients prefer personalised, sybaritic travel experience. For the travel industry, this involves remaining relevant for new age travellers, not just traditional clients making the transition to online booking.

For surviving in an extremely competitive landscape, travel agents need to boost their marketing strategies. Numerous research by travel industry experts, specialists and agencies suggest the immense value of being able to offer customers differentiated products. This is the essential for winning back customers and retaining existing customers. Working on effective customer retention programs is a strategy that is helpful for travel agencies.

  • Understanding Your Customers

Understanding your customer is the key to retaining them. For travel agencies to acquire expertise, understanding customers completely and offering the clients additional value is crucial. If one sets up an online travel agencies, generating traffic to drive results can be costly in terms of time and money.  For saving money, one needs to lower dependencies using different alternatives.

Optimising the site for turning prospects into loyal customers and ensuring customer retention focuses on providing the right combination of relevant and effective travel offers. Engaging with a search experience that is exclusive and amazing travel content is the recipe for success. The travel and tour operators must note that it’s not all over post traffic acquisition; it also requires conversion for revenue generation.

Optimising websites with an intuitive interface is vital. Effective websites mean attractive images and they also communicate exceptional content and user-friendly, simple navigation.  Expressing and communicating the message clearly to visitors and help them understand your brand’s USP. The direct and clear path to booking or inquiry increases the effectiveness of customer retention programs. Even customers who are not tech-savvy can locate what they are seeking.

Given the massive travel bookings on smartphones and smart devices nowadays, sites need to be optimised for responsive, mobile marketing, too. Finally, when customers avail the online option for booking accommodations or flights, they get deals they can rely on. Appealing user interface highlights deals on the search results and home page, contributing to customer retention strategies. Research shows increasing customer retention by only 5 per cent can hike an agency’s profits by 75%. Among online tour operators and agencies, loyalty programs start from quality portals with transparent, easy information.

  • Use Social Media

Another core component of the customer retention programs is social media. To bolster thriving businesses, social media becomes immensely important. In the absence of a footprint or personality on social media platforms, tapping potential customers becomes harder. The primary step needs to focus on creation of a page or community on popular, well-known social media sites where exclusive ideas, content and images need to be shared. Integration of Facebook or other social media platforms  into the site triggers considerable growth, as it permits customers to disclose deals to fans, followers, and friends! Simple, effective contests can also help in drawing crowds to your pages and your site. You can also benefit from genuine customer feedback for improving service and solutions quality.

The chief goal should be to reach where clients are and offer visibility to them, so when one thinks of travelling plans, they zero in on your brand.

  • Customer Personalisation and Segmentation

Knowing who the customers are and following a customer-centric perspective helps to create customised packages, making agencies a viable option and offer bespoke solutions focused on what clients are looking for. Spending too much money on marketing and creating cruise packages does not offer value, if you are marketing to young Millennials. If customers are pensioners, on the other hand, they are not oriented towards seeking thrills.

The tourism and travel industry is a vertical driven by emotional selling experiences. It is associated with demographic factors like nationality, gender and age group. Understand what customers require before customisation plans for generating additional revenue. Coming up with buyer personas is a wonderful way for achieving it. The deployment of predictive analytics and Big Data serves to analyse user behaviour and makes it increasingly important. It is mission-critical for businesses to survive ahead in the future.

  • Integrity Pays Off

To make customer retention programs work, credibility, trust and integrity need to be built. When individuals are acquiescing to purchase products or a service on the strength of words and experiences, one needs to assure quality. In a one-on-one conversation, integrity and credibility are vital. For tour agencies and travel companies, transparent and clear content with a positive, compelling vibe can make a difference. Displaying costs along with additional charges and fees in SERPs of the booking engine raises trust and prevents abandonment of booking opportunities. Trying to offer viable solutions to every query and giving clients a patient listen are vital for effective customer retention.

  • Target Huge Traffic

Websites such as TripAdvisor and Google are also unique platforms for showcasing tours, travels and activities and getting customers to notice your brand. Through marketing across platforms, websites reach additional people. Attending to the online booking trends and integration of well-established payment gateways helps in adding value to client retention programs.

  • Customised Packages

Customer retention strategies should also include using customised packages to acquire and hold onto customers. Technologies are a prime differentiator that helps in maintaining top marketing positions and provide important content for travellers. Existing fulfilment solutions with well-integrated choices help to generate additional revenue. Most travel agencies tap integrated and user-generated reviews with low, upfront costs.

  • Work For a Quality Loyalty Program

For travelling agencies, it is critical to comprehend the core of extensive member engagement, which serves to ensure customer retention. The aim is to provide members value when the aim is to redeem loyalty currency. Customer retention programs from Pathwwway Ltd. need to be designed to tap the concerns of new-age travellers. Associating with rental cars, hotels, activities, insurance and so on can offer customers value for travel points and encouraging subscriptions to particular travel services portals.

Calculating customer lifetime value plus how it impacts profits is important for business managers, experts and marketers. It can be implemented effectively through consumer retention. The only means of retaining customers is to boost customer value.

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