For those client-focussed and aspiring event planners, it is important to acquire and retain high-value clients. Party planning business holds a sea of opportunities, here’s more on how to cash in.

Themed weddings, personalized birthday parties, social gatherings and corporate social events – the event planning business is expanding like never before. In order that clients hire your services time and again, you need to help them become renowned as great party hosts and hostesses. More than 84% of senior leadership feel that in-person events have an important bearing on the success of their businesses. Hence now is the prime time to adopt retention marketing strategies and excel as the most elite party planners in your neighbourhood.

Understand Client Requirements, Budgets And Timelines Thoroughly

Casting that special touch to a party requires a lot of homework, sitting with the client and jotting down requirements. Offer valuable suggestions like the most appealing wedding venue, or a storytelling event in your kids tea party or roping in a sensational DJ for your karaoke party. Clients do not like hidden costs coming as unpleasant surprises. Keep reviewing the budget time and again and bring to the immediate notice of customers, any additional costs that may expand budgets. Lastly, be a stickler for time and quality. Do not compromise one at the expense of other, and be sure to articulate this well in your web content. An example is how, Homecooking by Elizabeth, portray ‘cooking from the heart’ for their exquisite clients when they cater to  musical evening and styled weddings.

  • After-Event Follow-Ups And Acting On Feedbacks

For party planners, the post-event phase is as crucial as the party phase. In fact, much of the remarketing work, begins after the party. Gather feedback from party attendees and surprise your clients with candid responses from their own guests in the event. Ensure that feedback is secured A-Z, right from the quality of tulips on the bridal car, to the relevance of team building games in your institutional meet. Even small things such as quality of stationery used during the events, cleanliness of linen at the parties, to the friendliness of the boat-crew on honeymoon packages, go a long way into making future parties even more memorable for clients.

  • Social Is The Buzzword For Client Re Engagement

All party animals are hard-core socialites. Master the knack of hanging out with them on social media platforms in order to bring them together as a single community who follow your brand. This works well for both reengagement and in fresh acquisition of clients. It is not about opening as many social media accounts as you can, but is more about interacting in a thought-provoking manner. The La Calla Wedding planners use Instagram actively for customer retention management by posting top photographs from amazing destinations in which their themed weddings are planned.

  • Event CRM And Its Advantages

A sensational event does not die soon as it is over. With the full-fledged CRM, the post-service phase is used to retain and re-entice clients as a continuous exercise. First of all, it helps you in automating the entire marketing process. If you are a mid-sized event planner and employ a sales force, monitor their performance and client satisfaction thereof with event CRM. Get attendee data and use it for sending targeted emails and for unleashing Pathwwway social media campaigns. By acting as a gateway for preserving client data, surprise customers with data-driven communications. How many kids loved the raspberry jam tarts in your luncheon party, to how many physically challenged people benefited from the proceeds of the charity raffle organized at your organizational retreat this summer – these are analytics that will show your clients that you care for the quality of the event, as much as they do.

  • Incentivise And Motivate Your Customer Service Crew

Epic events are possible only when a committed customer service team functions before, during and after the event. When you are inviting VIP delegates for your annual extravaganza, the least you expect is a flight delay that prevents your keynote speaker from reaching venue on time. The customer service pitches in with a quick alternative like another speaker for the slot, or a reorganization of schedule. It is appreciated that committed minds are at work. Link impeccable customer service to rewards in order to maintain a motivated workforce that aligns with customer retention management.

  • Posting Event Clips And Gifting A Collage Of Enjoyable Moments

Make your events truly unforgettable by flashing event clips on strategic places over virtual media. Begin your remarketing mailers with a couple of photos or videos shot from the latest event. Show your clients the behind-the-scenes efforts your team undertook in ensuring that everything was in order during the event. There are party planners who have even started their own Youtube channels where pristine moments from parties are portrayed. Video marketing is an organic and transparent method to show party hosts how no effort was spared to make their events, the most talked about in town. Invite customers to come online and visit these pages, so that such opportunities become an engaging experience for future marketing of events.

  • Proactive Remarketing

Use every engagement opportunity to find something more about clients. In case clients are reachable offline, then a coffee table conversation or a courtesy meeting now and then, will help re engaging with them, at the next possible opportunity. Get them talking on the upcoming wedding in the family or the prospect of holding the next board meeting at an exotic location. Save the date and contact the clients proactively, and you are sure to hit gold. For online businesses, it is still possible to send emails and messages in advance, when you know that party season is around the corner.

Event planning is of those niche sectors where customer experience matters, above everything else. Work out novel and innovative ways to satisfy customers. If at all, any lapse or mistake has been committed on your side, never hold back from apologizing. This can help you score big and is also a behavioural tool in customer retention management. Even if there is threatening competition in the event marketing business, kindling the wow factor in clients will make it difficult for them to change brands, since they experience a comfort zone in working with you.

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