The digital era has heralded a new age of connectivity. When it comes to social media platforms like Facebook, they can be invaluable for expanding operations and boosting business growth. While it is true that social media platforms and websites can be effective for promotion of products and services, Facebook remains one of the most powerful tools for enhancing the value of your customer loyalty programs, too. Facebook offers unique the benefit of being able to connect with business customers at a level that is personal and acts like a hotline for each customer.

  • Engaging with the Customer

Consumers want to interact with businesses in terms of channels chosen. The inbuilt audience and familiarity with Facebook messenger makes it the best place online to engage your existing customers with new offerings. Businesses can easily leverage the followers they gain on this social media as well. With continuous improvements on this social media platform, it is even possible to run full-fledged customer loyalty and rewards programs on the Messenger platform. For starters, over 1 billion users would have instant access to this on all their devices. No apps would be required to be downloaded and brands can even see how to use Messenger bots to drive customer loyalty easily.

  • Onboarding Customers to Loyalty Programs

Facebook Messenger also makes it simple to onboard customers to loyalty and rewards programs. With no apps to install and customers using Messenger, customers can be driven to a Messenger bot straight away from the ad campaign. Once customers get connected, they can register for reward accounts or linking existing accounts. Customers will get email confirmation with account information and sign up easily. Customers can start getting rewarded and businesses can build client loyalty that lasts.

The Facebook Messenger bot is even designed to help clients access their reward programs. With the messenger platform account linking features as well, the existing rewards can be logged into directly in association with the bot. Additionally, the bot can also help clients in locating local stores. At any time, current Pathwwway Limited. promotions can be accessed by selecting the option from the menu. Facebook can also be used in a way to issue push notifications and market to loyal customers.

  • Online Reputation Management

It’s clear that consumers are becoming increasingly demanding about how brands engage through social media. As per Exact Target, close to 89 per cent of customers will switch brands following adverse customer experience. This puts a lot of pressure on marketers to find ways to respond to negative reviews immediately. Facebook provides an excellent channel for properly and quickly responding to queries, comments and complaints.

Customer loyalty programs, therefore need to consider brand loyalty by using this social media platform. According to research, companies with a social care program on social media channels experience an increase of 7.5 per cent in retention year-over-year compared to 2.9 percent for those who do not. What does an effective social customer care program focus on? This is based on attending and responding to comments, queries and customer complaints.

Brands respond in minutes to Facebook comments and this goes the distance, when it comes to retaining existing customers, not just acquiring new ones.

  • Build Personalisation Into the Communication

Customer loyalty programs can be personalised on the basis of Facebook. You need to respond and monitor social media mentions of your brands or business products. Sharing as well as liking Facebook posts and comments or even measuring fans or followers in posts is a way to bring about effective customer retention management. To increase customer loyalty, Facebook helps in not just broadcasting, but also responding and engaging.

  • Build an Ecosystem

Part of building loyalty is engaging brand and non-brand related conversations with the audience. Facebook marketing is all about expanding reach and visibility and deepening connections. Customer loyalty programs also focus on building a sense of community. Building community also requires intent, and networking as well as participating in online forums and communities serves to increase the reputation of your brand in the field.

Sharing user-generated content to followers shows how one can observe and value contributions. Create Facebook groups to have a one-to-one conversation with not just prospects, but customers as well. Promoting and mentioning others is also a way to bring them into the community. Facebook offers strategic outreach on the part. For example, most leading brands have a massive Facebook presence.

  • Build a Powerful Brand Narrative

Another feature that has huge potential for marketers is Instagram storytelling which is incorporated into the Facebook ecosystem. It covers a bigger user base, so more people are reached by your business. Facebook stories can be the best way to drive attention to the brand and boost retention. Making a showcase of products and services is also easy via this social media channel. For example, General Electronic introduced their cloud network on Instagram using Facebook’s vibrant ecosystem.

  • Facebook Live Broadcasts

As it takes only 50 per cent of the time to consumer video, as opposed to text content, nearly 82 per cent of audiences prefer a live broadcast rather than reading blog posts. Considering such statistics, Facebook Live broadcasts have become a powerful customer retention tool to share brand expertise and promote special offers. Master all nuances of the marketing process and you’ll realise why Facebook is so helpful in initiating meaningful customer loyalty programs. Facebook Live targets a particular group of similar interests. Simple announcements can follow numerous visitors or events can be promoted with engaging ads. Ads include promotional videos motivating your customers to join you on a specific date.

Another important value of Facebook broadcast as a retention tool is that people can be instantly observed in terms of how they react to what you communicate. For engaging more people and retaining additional customers, Facebook is really useful in delivering promised content in concise forms. Retention rates depend on factors like selecting appropriate video marketing platforms. In such a situation, Facebook remains the top choice.

Build greater brand value and customer loyalty by using Facebook. The best customer lifetime value can be gained by deploying Facebook as a retention tool. So, log onto this platform and change the way customers perceive your brand and your product.


Posted by IT Pathwwway