Are you planning to create a website for your small business? Are your clients requesting more features to be added to your business website? Do you feel you have outgrown the old design of your website which now requires a revamping? Whatever the case, whenever you think it is time to update your business website, you have to deal with a decision on WordPress or custom web design. Both approaches have their own pros and cons.

Custom Web Design 

A custom web design provides you with endless possibilities to structure and design the look and feel of your website. A custom design starts with zero lines of code. It not only helps you in designing the appearance, but program the entire functionality. In other words, you can include everything from your must-have list with a custom-built website. A custom web design can be tailored to customer preferences. It gives more power over the aesthetics of the website and ensures clear and consistent branding. Moreover, you have a website that functions to fit your need. Here are the pros of custom web design:

  • Unique Design – Custom websites are often designed to fit your specific business needs. This helps your website to stand out from similar websites of your competitors.
  • Design Flexibility – A custom website is designed from scratch to fit your vision and requirements. It gives you the freedom and flexibility to follow your creative instincts required for implementing complex functionality. Custom websites can adapt to your specific business needs and let you create a strategically-built completely functional website.

Like the two facets of a coin, custom web design approach also have some cons:

  • Require More Completion Time – Building a website from scratch is a time-consuming process. You should opt for this approach when you have enough time to wait for the final product.
  • Require Higher Budget – A custom web design may require a higher budget since you are building everything from square one.


WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) available today. With WordPress, you can quickly and easily create, edit, publish, and manage your website content without much ado. Currently, WordPress powers over 25% of business websites accessible over the web. WordPress can help in launching attractive websites without any programming knowledge. It also allows you to tweak the appearance and manage core functionality of your website. You can build a custom website from a WordPress template. Down and Install popular themes, add required features, manage functionality with widgets and latest plugins, and you have a website ready to be launched. It is a flexible, powerful, and quick approach to build a business website. WordPress lets you quickly tailor a full-fledged business website with aesthetically appealing content and appealing visual branding. Here are some benefits you get by creating your website with a WordPress theme:

  • Provides A Budget-friendly Approach To Designing – Building a website from a WordPress theme is an affordable option to have a full-fledged working website in no time.
  • Saves A Lot Of Time – WordPress themes can help you get a working business website within the approaching timelines since you do not require to build the website from scratch. This speeds up the designing process saving you on time and budget. WordPress themes are a good option to get started when you are running short of time. They help you get your website running in quick turnaround time with primary customization and required functionality.

Some downsides of using a WordPress theme are:

  • Reduced Flexibility – Since you use pre-defined templates, you do not have much flexibility with design. Website themes are created to save you from writing CSS and HTML code on your own. They provide a framework for publishing your website content using plug-and-play features. Therefore, you do not get the flexibility of a custom design with a WordPress theme.
  • You May Not Have A Unique Website – Website themes and templates are used by many customers throughout the world. One major downside of using a WordPress theme is that you are likely to end up with a website that may look similar to one of your competitors. To make your website stand out with a WordPress theme, you may require unique website content and appealing visual branding. That way, your website will look different with an altered look and feel.

Custom Web Design Or WordPress – Which One To Choose When?

The question still remains that which one of the two approaches is better for building a business website? WordPress gives you the power to create virtually any kind of business website in no time with a pre-built theme. Even the websites of popular brands like Sony Music and Xerox are powered by WordPress. Again, you can customize a website built with WordPress on your own. You do not need to hire a team of web developers for managing your website. You can choose from thousands of available themes and scale the functionality of your website with plugins. Continuous support from the community and automatic updates help in keeping your WordPress powered website up to date. Ensure security with plugins, easily implement SEO, easily manage content and customize your website by integrating third-party services. WordPress does give you a future-proof approach to effective designing but with limited customization.

Before you actually make up mind to pick a WordPress theme, analyze your business goals. Prior to choosing a designing approach, you must know what you expect your website to accomplish. Will you business website educate the visitors about your business? Do you want to establish yourself as a brand in your industry with your business website? Do you want to drive conversations? In this case, accessibility must be your priority for your business website. It should present informative content and establish trust with your visitors. It should have a clean, amicable, ultra-modern, and user-friendly design.


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