Monetizing online presence is the end result of all digital marketing pursuits. A powerful and appealing website is the foundation of digital marketing success. It helps business to identify, pitch to and grow the right target audience. It acts as the centre stage on which all other forms of digital marketing such as content, blog, email and SEO based marketing campaigns take shape.

  • Give A Facelift To Your Ecommerce Initiatives With Vibrant Websites

Make your website an online shopping centre by building on its selling strengths. Pathwwway website production takes into account all the essentials for starting and running an entire digital store. Catchy and credible content as well as strategic and clear placement of call to action buttons go a long way into maximizing sales for online merchants. Offer flexibility and security to the financial transactions of customers by partnering with major payment gateways. Your website must accept payments in multiple currencies for tapping global traffic. The products page is a heart of Ecommerce websites. Candid and professional photography, a well-stocked gallery, useful reviews, demos and how-to articles do the magic of accelerating conversions rates.

  • Go One-Up On Competitors With Unique And Engaging Content

Statistics foot the fact that content marketing not only costs 62% less than other primitive marketing channels but is also thrice effective in lead generation. Businesses can build on their online lead generation skills by shifting focus from website selling to website engagement of leads. While there is are no shortcuts to the curation of high quality and research-backed content, the placement of content and intelligent supplementation with infographics and multimedia animations also play a vital role. This is because when people visit websites, they only scan the content and not read them word-by-word. Pathwwway ensures that the USP of your business fares well in the web copy that is scanned by your target market. Blogs, white papers and articles; your website must be stacked with sensible and simple content, free of jargon and verbose text, interspersed with eye-catchy and high resolution images. Video content seems to engage viewers better and your web design must contain inspiring videos.

  • Occupy Prime Slots On The Google SERPs

It is the dream of every business to figure bold and prominent on the result pages of major search engines like the Google, the Bing or the Yahoo. They go all out and invest in SEO marketing. The website plays a major role in helping your business meet the mandates of the search engine algorithms. Useful and fact-based content, incorporation of social media handles, highly functional web designs and quick retrieval of in-site search information are all areas that need to be focussed on, in case you want to crack it with SEO marketing. Websites that are user-friendly, that offer personalized and most relevant search query results are favoured by search engines. How useful is your website to the local as well as the global audience is an important determinant of search engine rankings of your website. It also impacts the way your business is covered in independent review sites.

  • Tap Mobile Traffic With A Responsive Web Design

According to the statistics published by US Cross-platform Future in Focus in 2017, mobile accounts for 7 out of every 10 digital media minutes. The Gen Z spends substantial time over the mobile pages and optimizing your website for the smartphone user is a towering necessity. To reduce costs and efforts in developing dedicated and multiple web layouts, Pathwwway takes conscious efforts in developing responsive web designs. With a RWD, a single layout is used that is flexible enough to adapt itself to varying screen sizes like the desktop, the laptop or the smartphone. The layout must be capable of smartly adjusting itself to the mobile screen with techniques like long-form content helping in preserving website UX, irrespective of the web to mobile transition, in viewing content. In many cases, mobile traffic has proved to be more aggressive and easily convertible when compared to web traffic. In order not to let go of the mobile leads, your web design must offer a seamless transition from PC to smart screens.

  • How An Innovative Web Design Can Become Your Virtual Salesforce

The present generation customers are done with marketing gimmicks and coercive selling tactics. When they buy, the web design must be their partner in helping them arrive at an informed decision. Pathwwway Ltd. website production experts are trained to stay away from disproportionate self-promotion that can be a negative force capable of running your brand repute. The web design assumes the role of your in-store sales guy, welcoming customers with personalized landing pages, with live chats and chatbots for an interactive experience. Powerful websites are those that can walk leads into the shopping carts in an organic manner. Publishing customer testimonials and critical feedbacks with the appropriate resolution mechanism will help in this process.

  • The Connect Between UX Based Web Design And CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)

User experience is the heart of every web design delivered by Pathwwway. A business that fails to impress visitors with its web design in the first instance has little chances of winning them back. Conducting periodic website audits including content and technical audit will throw light on functionality issues. Broken links, slow loading speed, confusing navigation and cluttered images are the danger signals resulting in non-conversion. Customer churn is even more threatening than non-conversion. Only a web design that focuses on delightful user experience can tide over these cliffhangers in online sales.

To sustain the strong forces of competition and to reach to the target market customers on time, an influential website is a must. Pathwwway produces and delivers hi-tech websites that can engage and interact with clients in a personalized manner. Pathwwway website production makes the most of your website budget by including cutting edge technology and innovative behavioural insights that can help secure a sustainable ROI on website related expenditure.

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