#1 The Apple OS 5

The brand new announcement from the house of Apple is the latest OS 5 smart watch. The central feature of the product is that users will be able to browse websites with the watch itself. With a dynamic and responsive web design, users will be able to access content without any device constraints. The range of watches are totally independent and one can remain connected just by wearing this watch, without the need for any other smart devices. The smart watch can become your fitness companion by monitoring your daily health regime with personalized coaching, tips and recommendations. With the smart screen entertaining you with Apple Podcasts, users can listen and learn as they hike or workout.

The all new walkie-talkie feature enables you to connect with a fellow Apple watch user with a touch on your smartwatch. With advanced techniques for machine learning, the layout is made extremely user-friendly. With predictive and proactive notifications, this smart watch has much more to do than mere timekeeping. With skilful use of colour, design and typography, web developers can adopt a minimalistic design and make ideal use of available space to make the responsive web designs work best on the new Apple watch.

#2 Louis Vuitton Tambour Horizon Black

The watch is an iPhone in itself, complete with functionalities that allow its users to travel the world in luxury of seamless connectivity. With a case diameter of 42mm and a shiny black PVD finish, the AMOLED touch screen is quite user-friendly. It is compatible with most smartphones. The 24 hour time zones, weather and temperature display and step-counter are added functionalities. The Operating system is Wear OS from Google, which lends itself to responsive web design. The Tambour Horizon is a combination of utility and connectivity. With intelligent usage of bezel area, the design for this smartwatch is what web designers love. When compared to other smartwatches where the most important feature next to time display is fitness, for this LV product, it is travel. The LV guide and My Flight are the highlights of the travel-oriented features. With a Snapdragon 2100 processor, you can work wonders with the Google play store and download as much as you can. The screen sizes are customizable with your initials. Email alerts and notifications keep you connected day and night.

#3 Amazfit Bip

Fresh from the house of Huami, the smart watch is affordable unlike the aforesaid premium models and is most compatible with a responsive web design. With a 1.28 inch widescreen, it reads well and enables stay connected, all the time. The no-frills interface is its speciality and enables it score big over the all too complicated models in market. With easy-to-use, scroll, swipe and tap controls, navigation becomes very easy. The unique e-ink electronic display keeps the watch on even when it is locked, helping users to view the time, even on lock-screen mode. Fitness updates, heart-rate monitor,  activity and calories tracker, weather updates, alarms and notifications are all available in a crystal clear format, thanks to responsive web design. Apps can be easily downloaded for enhanced functionality. Music storage is excellent, offering a feast to your earbuds, when working out. Web designers can save time and cost by using a responsive layout that can function well on multiple screens.

#4 Fossil Gen Q Venture HR

A pioneer in the manufacture and selling of both smart and hybrid smartwatches, the Fossil brand watches  display on their smart screens anything right from time, location. altitude, messages and caller information to news, appointments and schedules. When compared with the Gen 3 and Gen 4 versions, the Fossil Gen Q Venture HR is advanced and deploys Wear OS from Google. It has a 40 mm diameter size when compared to the 45 mm Explorist range. With a touch screen that can be swiped comfortable in multiple directions, the watch is super-friendly to users. Bluetooth connectivity is at its best. Custom goal setting, customizable dials, music-control, wireless synching and interchangeable watch straps are some of the attractive features embedded into the model. To witness an exponential growth in the market, it is time, web developers  start designing for the watch screens that remain physically attached with their target market like no other smart device.

#5 Everest Smart Watch

The striking feature that sets apart the smart watch from its counterparts is the triple display, one to keep time, one to track fitness and a third one for connectivity. The design aids power saving by way of two types of display, the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) which can be switched to the energy-efficient Flexible Numeric Display (FND). All the displays can run round the clock with minimum battery consumption. The smart watch is an enabler of multi-tasking with its triple screen functionality.  Users can perform multiple tasks without getting distracted.  Optimal connectivity is ensured. A responsive web application to support the smart watch is not too complicated. Designing for the smaller platforms can be both economical and traffic-generating.  Wearable technology with this smartwatch is not only fast but also ultra-efficient. More and more developers are now placing thrust on designing for smart watch screens as dynamic as the Everest, so that website rankings are boosted. The market of smart watch enthusiasts is emerging more powerful than the ones for PCs and mobiles, and a responsive design is the perfect solution to tap those market segments.

The next generation smart watches have revolutionized digital publicity. Whether it is social media access, website reviews or fitness tracking, it is smartwatches that are used the most. Connectivity on smart watches has accelerated the need to build a single web design that is compatible with multiple layouts.  With one of these hi-tech watches on the wrist, it is possible to stay connected with the digital and the real world at the touch of a button. Smart watches have awakened the need to design crisper web layouts to suit the small yet powerful dials.

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