Shepherding the short-term business strategies towards long-term brand leadership and market share domination is a mandate for Pathwwway Partners. Such proven success has been a result of collaboration and influential business partnerships with some of the industry’s reliable service providers. Enjoying the best of all worlds is a given, when working with Pathwwway and its crew of amazing partnerships.

  • Livechat

Livechat, offered as a SaaS business model, helps in building good relationships with all your website visitors. It makes every website visit an active exercise by way of interactive engagement. The LiveChat software is capable of handling the entire process of online customer service. Chatting is not the only service that is covered. You can integrate LiveChat with your CRM, manage orders and accept payments. The LiveChat app is super-efficient on smartphones as well and is an asset to all those Ecommerce retailers out there. With a powerful presence in 150 countries and trusted by over 26000 companies, collaborating with LiveChat has been a win-win for both the organizations.

  • Mixpanel

With a multitude of in-app A/B tests and user survey forms, web analytics is at its best with Mixpanel, the data science and behavioural analysis specialists. High-end solutions are offered to ensure that leads are subtly guided and prompted towards the sales funnel. Full time analytics can be run on websites and mobile apps to ensure that visitor activity is translated into meaningful insights. Consumer tech solutions help build lasting customer relationships and brand loyalty. The Ecommerce and retail specialists make high volume online selling  with proven increase in conversion rates. Through emails, messages, push notification and in-app chats, your entire marketing communications is taken care of by professionals. Excel customer-centric marketing by selling memorable experiences to customers, as recommended by these Pathwwway partners.

  • Inspectlet

Partnering with Inspectlet has unleashed a series of business advantages ,when clients signup with Pathwwway for bettering customer engagement. Having earned the trust and goodwill over 90000 companies, Inspectlet offers automated tracking of customer sessions on your website. While Google Analytics may help you with what customers are looking for, Inspectlet drills further, and explains why. With advanced heat maps and continuous session recording, never miss out on customer’s online activity. What visitors do on your website can result in useful insights by shadowing every keypress and mouse-scroll on your websites. Ascertain which parts of the website appeal to users and which parts needs further improvisation. Find your conversion rates double -up by understanding every move of your online users and helping them make informed decisions by way of predictive suggestions and recommendations.

  • New Relic

Accreditation as a leader in Gartner’s 2019 Magic Quadrant for APM suites stands testimony to the New Relic advantage for every client of Pathwwway. Users can now track changes on all apps and services and can remain in total control of the environment, from frontend to infrastructure layer. Subscription to the service enables value added full -stack development. It is possible to deliver to the end-users a smooth, UI based web design. Taking a departure from traditional waterfall models, this partnership makes it possible for Pathwwway Partners clients to transform the web development processes by deploying Agile and DevOps. Cloud monitoring of your dynamic IT environments is rendered, thanks to high-end New Relic solutions.

  • Silverpop

More than 60% of B2B marketers find email marketing is the most effective revenue generation channel. The Silverpop partnership has resulted in substantial advantages for the clients, who are anxious to accelerate the open rates of their email campaigns. In addition to the mail marketing expertise, Silverpop is also a great unifying force, that enables clients to optimize their investments in email, mobile and social marketing. The Silverpop Engage provides marketing automation solutions on a scalable email-marketing platform. The cloud-based digital solutions help you take control of the entire lead management paradigm. Now part of IBM, Silverpop is guaranteed to boost conversion rates and also help in customer retention. Silverpop promotes high quality and no-nonsense engagement with your global client bases, through multi channel marketing.

  • Optimove

Pathwwway realizes the need to engage closely with existing clients and build strong loyalty to your brand. To strengthen its customer retention marketing programs, partnership with Optimove has become a facilitator. Real-time hyper targeting helps in personalized communication with customers and in winning their confidence. Predictive client modelling helps in better and proactive understanding of customer needs and likes. The team at Optimove help you master lifecycle marketing and in maximizing CRM accuracy. The hybrid AI-driven, self-optimizing campaign can result in a visible increase in customer lifetime value. It empowers brands to drive growth and expand international market shares by way of  personalized and emotionally intelligent communications. When retention marketing is to be given specific focus, the Optimove collaboration is highly fruitful.

  • Mobivate

The cool and target-oriented messaging service sends over 50 million messages per month. Its specialities include bulk SMS, premium rate SMS and various mobile marketing solutions. It is a powerful and influential SMS gateway to deliver relevant and personalized messages to the target audiences. The reliable operating system helps to profile and segment leads and customers and send appropriate messages to different user personas. Short codes and mobile billing services help you cash in on the bulging stream of mobile traffic. Usage of apt keywords in your messages helps in effectiveness of marketing campaigns. It offers the advantage of allowing users to select their route and also select the speed at which messages are delivered. Your frequent communications calendar is now abuzz with all-round activity by way of SMS campaigns.

Pathwwway partners come with professional expertise and high quality execution skills that directly benefit clients. They help you make the most of your online presence and make way for healthy customer relationships. These partner organizations work 24 x 7 to craft every area of your web design with precision and functionality, making your brand all the more accessible and popular to both new and existing customers.

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