If you are an entrepreneur who has a ‘brick and mortar’ business, you can consider yourself part of a rare breed of elite who actually do business in a physical location, stock actual merchandise and meet and engage with customers face to face. Also called offline business, you will be bound by restraints of space and time. You need to have a shop front or warehouse that needs to be rented or owned, manned and taken care of. Merchandise has to be sourced or produced and brought to the business place for sale. You need manpower to do a stock check, to manage personnel, to liaise with the customers and people to plan internet marketing agency activities. It needs a whole hearted immersive approach and takes a lot of effort and investment. Are you satisfied with the way your business is faring?

Internet Blitzkrieg

The world has been overtaken by the internet craze and everything from entertainment to education, from shopping to food, everything is online. Everything is just a click away. It has become a world of instant gratification and no one has the patience to wait for anything. Business too has been influenced by the internet. Most shopping is online. One can shop for anything in the world from anywhere in the world. There are a multitude of options to choose from and offline businesses just don’t stand a chance against the online onslaught. It is estimated that around 1.66 billion people worldwide purchase goods online and global e-retail sales amount to 2.5trillion US dollars and it is expected to double in under 4 years. The way people shop has changed and if you have to keep up with changing times, don’t you think it is time to change the way you do business? Easier said than done. You would have already invested in the physical aspects of your business and you can’t just wish it away.  So what can you do to make your offline business successful and harness the benefits of the internet craze?

An Internet marketing Agency may be your answer

Getting ahead and making your online presence felt may seem easy but there’s intense competition in this field and shoddy effort will not help. This is where getting onboard an internet marketing agency makes the crucial difference. They are professional agencies that specialize in marketing on the internet. They usually provide a 360-degree all- encompassing service right from conception to finish. An internet marketing agency will handhold your business till it stabilizes. Here are 5 ways I which an internet marketing agency can help your offline business.

  1. Market survey and analysis is the first step

The first thing an internet marketing agency would do once you engage them in service would be to undertake a market survey for you. They will understand the nature of your offline business, study the market and competition in similar products or services and devise a customized marketing strategy for you which will be a total digital response to all your business challenges.

  1. A customized website

The internet marketing agency would then create a customized website for your offline business that would reflect in its design and content your unique selling point.  They will ensure that the website is user friendly and eye catching and navigation to different pages is easy even for a novice. They will definitely keep in mind the demographics of your customer base and make it compatible to their age and preference.

  1. Creating an Online store

The website will have all the features of an online store including a secure payment portal which is the essence of all e commerce sites. Since the internet marketing agency is a professional in the field of online marketing and have experience, they will be able to fit your website with the necessary bandwidth for e commerce needs. Your customers will have the option of shopping for your product online or visiting your offline store. This will increase your client base and more than double your business prospects.

  1. Designing an Online marketing campaign

The internet marketing agency not only designs your website and makes yours a secure online store, they also design and launch a made- for – you online marketing campaign with a variety of marketing tools at their disposal.  They will make use of all social media outlets and optimize popular networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat to promote your service or product and make sure it reaches a larger audience, thus increasing the business potential and adding possibilities hitherto unknown.

  1. Other value added services

Employing the services of an internet marketing agency also has another advantage. They provide a plethora of services which they design with their experience in the field. They will give you a customized email domain and design which makes your business unique and eye catching. They will provide content that is rich with Search engine optimization words so that your online presence is easy to find. The agency would also set you up with Adwords, which is a paid search option which will enable you to be found easily when a prospective customer types in some key words. This will make your business website more visible and enable you to sell your pitch to them through the content and design of your website.

So it makes sense to engage the service of an experienced internet marketing agency when you want to make the presence of your offline business felt online and take on the competition that abounds in the digital world. This will keep you up to date with changing marketing trends and also strengthen your business by enhancing potential that is available through online strategies. It will drive a lot of traffic to your website and there will be a greater number of prospective clients visiting every day, who would want to do business with you online or even visit your offline store if that is what they wish. All in all, it is great value for money if you engage the services of a professional internet marketing agency.

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