Fresh, innovative online marketing campaigns that are seamlessly executed have the capability to inspire, attract, educate and entertain audiences, when it comes to powering a brand. With a growing number of touchpoints, emerging channels, technologies and insights available for brands today, the scope for impactful,  innovative campaigns is at an all-time high. Here are the most influential digital marketing campaigns for 2018.

  • Amazon: Alexa Has Lost Her Voice!

Influencer marketing study suggests close to 70 percent of millennial consumers are driven by peer recommendations in making buying decisions. YouTube is the second most influential social media platform out there for influencing customers. It was through an understanding of influencer marketing coupled with strong video content and creative concept that Amazon acquired the ability to boost brand and product awareness effectively.

Amazon put together their cutting-edge, innovative Alexa powered voice assistant called the Echo, with appealing video content featuring global celebs from different fields and industries. This campaign called ‘Alexa Has Lost Her Voice’ was launched after being initially airing at the Super Bowl. It harnessed the power of influencers in ways that benefit voice-technology driven products at the core of production. The campaign focused on innovating on the behalf of the customers. Not only did the video campaign garner over 47 million views, it also went viral and cemented influencer marketing remarkably well.

  • Adidas: Boston Marathon Challenge

International sports brand Adidas tool on a fresh, innovative approach to online marketing by utilising over 30 thousand runners of the Boston Marathon. The aim was to create personalised videos of participants to promote the latest running apparel. A mix of professionally produced content that is user generated and advancing technologies, using race bibs imbued with hi-tech tracking chips made this digital marketing campaign one of a kind. The campaign yielded rich visual content offering a real-life picture of the buzz and marketing publicity generated during the event. The unique and challenging running metrics showcase the progress of the participants during the run.

The different kinds of ideas promoting brands create tangible, real value for consumers. Adidas has highlighted how community events drawing large crowds of people can power your brand. The massive technologies used were also exceptional. There are street mats transmitting radio signals, through a 20-person camera crew, capturing the footage of each runner at the finish line and the halfway mark. Hours after the marathon, runners received their videos through emails, complete with re-enactments of scenes and soundtracks from the race.

The focus is on demonstrating how marketers get ambitious with personalised content and video efforts at scale, while cashing in on popular events drawing major viewership. As per AdWeek, videos collected garnered over 100 thousand views in the first 2 days following the race, pointing to how brands can generate a massive buzz by making the most out of crowds gathering for the event.

These ideas create real, tangible value for the audience. Adidas created personal, emotive and immersive internet marketing campaigns which resulted in record video views within just 2 days.

  • From IHOP to IHOb

When it comes to digital marketing campaigns revolving around strategy and data, a solid dose of offbeat creativity translates into success and maximum publicity. American pancake bakery chain IHOP is a prime example of this. IHOP or the International House of Pancakes announced an official name change on social media site Twitter. The company said it would be rebranding as IHOb. The sudden announcement and mystery surrounding the announcement had people speculating what b stands for. The b was assigned to indicate a new product line of burgers.

It was just a clever move to focus on flipping the pancake by flipping the letter upside-down. The pancake chain retained its original name in a stunt launched to promote a new range of buyers. Injecting mystery into the promotional event, the pancake chain even generated a frenzied speculation of what the b stood for, ranging across breakfast, bankruptcy, bacon and even bitcoin. Online mentions of the brand IHOP rose by an astounding 6477 per cent just 24 hours after the move was made, according to Marketing Dive’s Brandwatch data.

The brand even injected humour into the online marketing campaign, telling individuals to have ‘batience

for the big announcement. The stunt created a massive hype on social channels and showed no signs of waning even after the announcement was made that b stood for buyers. Hashtags like #IHOB and #IHOP gained over 297 million impressions in just a week. People love a mystery and this resulted in a clever spin that changed the new product line (that is, of burgers) into a social media craze. It left the door open to have fun in new and exciting ways.

  • Nike’s Immersive Campaign

For promoting the cutting-edge and innovative new running shoes called Epic React, sports and fitness brand Nike developed a stunning digital marketing campaign which offered value in terms of content across channels and touchpoints, including mobile, video, social media and website presence. The most striking element of this online marketing campaign was the Reactland initiative that made users experience a virtual video game, where there was even an Avatar and that allowed the consumers to experience the latest sole cushioning techniques and technologies.

Using social media engagement, a cutting-edge landing page showcasing technological developments, benefits and immersive experiential marketing, Nike’s unique and distinctive approach to digital marketing offers a view of just how innovative web marketing campaigns can be. Nike even used a promotional campaign on Facebook Messenger to generate a social commerce success story. The sports apparel company beta tested the AR/augmented reality feature of the Messenger, giving people a closer look at products.

  • LG’s Laundry Pop Up

LG Electronics has held a laundry and lounge activation at the Bonnaroo Music and Arts festival. Concert goers could even drop off unwashed clothes for a free wash and fold experience. Further, the 3,600 sq-foot pop-up display showcased a vast number of washing machines, dryers and an LG steamer along with mobile phone-charging stations, TVs, hangout spots and games for individuals to relax during this music festival as well. The activation and display took place in rural Tennessee where laundry services are rare. The free laundry services were an effective way for brands to interact with over 65 thousand concert attendees.

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