If you need a professional website, you must secure the best website design and development team for this. Freelance sites like Fiverr are not where you can zero in on top talent. Considering that a web developer assembles and codes the website, handling other tech features of your web presence while optimising and maintaining it, you definitely need a trained professional for the job. But can you judge the competency of a freelance developer just by looking at a handful of reviews?

Moreover, knowing how to build a website does not make someone a skilled developer. Proper credentials and qualifications need to be in place. Otherwise, you are liable to land someone from a ‘gig economy’ whose idea of a business website is a few snatches of text interspersed with dull, lifeless images. Skilled web developers are a veritable gold mine of information and reliable so that your business can bank on them. Here’s why Fiverr is not the right place to find them:

#1 Lack of Developer Expertise

The website generates a lot of business or revenue only when it’s coded well and executed impeccably. With poor coding or the wrong web development strategy, your website will only generate leads and sales at a fraction of the potential. Nailing the design, but bailing out on the web development can leave you stranded on the information superhighway with a dud of a website. Fiverr has its share of cheap developers, but this does not necessarily mean they are anywhere suitable enough to meet the demands of your project. Good developers are skilled enough to ensure flawless execution. Additionally, the site will not have any bugs and it is mobile-friendly, fast and up-to-date with the latest standards and trends.

#2 Mediocre Developers Unskilled at Responsive Sites

SkillCrush has found that 40 percent of online users will opt for a different search result if the website is not mobile-friendly or has issues in working correctly on mobile phones. Choosing a mediocre developer with zero skills for designing responsive sites can, therefore, cost you serious cash. Moreover, advanced web design and development tools, as well as Pathwwway Ltd. website builders, have turned your average Joe into a web developer on Fiverr. Tons of freelance web developers on these sites cannot tell the difference between web design or development and responsive or static web pages.

#3 Juggling Multiple Projects and Compromising on Quality

Freelance web developers on Fiverr juggle multiple projects and compromise on quality. After all, there’s only so much a freelance developer can accomplish. To be successful, freelancers need to charge a lot of money. But if you opt for low-ball offers on sites like Fiverr, chances are high that so will others in the industry. This will mean that your web development professional is not exclusively associated with your site and your work might even get shelved because of this.

Servicing multiple clients to stay afloat, these web developers will only accord you a fraction of their time and effort. If another client has a deadline approaching, your web project could be put on the back-burner. It’s a constant tug of war between clients to grab the professional freelancer’s attention. If your business is on the line, choosing to engage such professionals could end up costing even more than you bargained for.

#4 Lack of Bandwidth for Regular Support

In the olden days, all businesses needed was a web presence akin to digital calling cards. These virtual brochures just used to remain static, with negligible ongoing work or maintenance. In the modern era, digital realities dictate a website is a virtual storefront or even a crucial determinant of your brand-building success.

#5 Low Reliability

Freelance web developers also have limited staying power in the competitive markets, where churn rates are super high. There are different platforms like Fiverr out there and your freelance developer could simply be an enthusiast just trying out these platforms for a paying gig, and not a serious profession. There are so many different themes, builder tools and frameworks on top of that. If a freelancer builds a new site and then disappears, there may be difficulty in carrying on the work where he or she left off, because your next developer may not be conversant with the same technologies.

#6 Lack of SEO Knowledge

When you make a decision regarding who will design and develop your website, it should also be someone who has knowledge of SEO, and not just technical web coding experience. Designing and developing a site that looks great and boosts conversion rates requires professionals with a strong understanding of marketing, sales, advertising, copywriting, graphic design, coding, conversion optimisation, funnels, SEO, and keyword analysis.

#7 Lack of Organisation

Web developers on Fiverr will lack the organisational skills and professional expertise to ensure the finished product is one you can love. Not only is an agency more effective in this context, but the workload is spread out so responsiveness issues will simply not arise. Agencies have a record of hiring competent professionals with a proven track record for excellence. So, not sourcing web developers from Fiverr, but relying on a professional agency is a better experience from the start to the finish.

#8 Cost Ineffective

How could a budget freelancer from Fiverr possibly be cost-ineffective? Well, the answer to that is simple. Agencies are increasingly offering competitive packages so your business does not break the bank to come up with a valuable website. With unreliable freelancers from Fiverr, on the other hand, the costs will simply pile up.

#9 Lack of Customised Solutions

With a web development team from an agency, you will get customised solutions and overall tech help with a strong focus on conversion and traffic. Ongoing support, iterations and maintenance will be part of the package. Freelance web developers offer so many downsides, with respect to this. Lack of professional coding expertise and excessive reliance on one-size-fits-all website building tools and technologies means your freelancer from Fiverr could end up costing your business in terms of profits and conversions.

#10 Lack of Credentials

So, what’s the guarantee your freelance web developer coded the websites listed on his or her portfolio? Some Fiverr freelancers hide under the cloak of anonymity and portray a false picture. Then, there are cases where paid reviews and fake testimonials are used by unethical freelancers to convey a sense of professional competence. Freelance web developers from Fiverr will feel no sense of connection to the project and no sense of responsibility, either.

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