#1 Nike

Nike, the American MNC, which is a forerunner in the manufacture and marketing of footwear, apparel and accessories applies up internet marketing on a war front. Its social media campaigns are world famous including “Nike Free Running Karaoke Mix” based on the popular song “I would Run to You”. User generated content has been allowed to develop organically over Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. Influencer marketing is at its best with celebrities like Cristiano Ronaldo and Tiger Woods becoming brand advocates. Nike believes in the creation of an international sports community online and has been very successful in this. Nike’s online ads are best examples of storytelling marketing with interesting anecdotes leading to the creation of brand value.

#2 Apple

The US based tech-giant Apple has had a breakthrough win by blending internet marketing strategies into its internet marketing mix. Apple ads online are creative and appeal to the human nature of its clients. The IPhone X ad that plays for barely a minute, namely “Fly Market”, conveys the brand value of the instant and secure Apple Pay platform. Apple uses Twitter as an effective means for extending customer support on a personalized basis. Apple Music and the Apple App store have been very successful on Twitter. The Apple Give Back Program and its online promotion are excellent examples of how the businesses adopts cause related marketing efforts.

#3 EBay

The e-commerce major EBay uses customer-centric marketing campaigns to promote its growth on online media. It is possible for customers to shop for highly personalized products resulting in huge appeal on a global basis. EBay is easily accessible on mobile and has unleashed a series of mobile marketing campaigns that attracts the B2B market to get their products listed. EBay deploys email marketing by sending personalized emails to a targeted audience on its daily deals. Social media handles like Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram are used strategically by eBay for internet marketing purposes. YouTube marketing is another heavily used digital tool by eBay, with explainer videos on how to sell anything on eBay.

#4 British Airways

Email marketing is the marketing channel used by British Airways to deliver key targeted messages to its clients. This is an example of how mail marketing enhances branded communication in internet marketing. Twitter is the commonly used social media handle by British Airways. What has earned more than 1 million YouTube hits for the business is its viral cross-channel campaign called Magic of Flying which was an interactive billboard exercise for customers. Omni channel marketing is effectively used by the Airlines, providing the same seamless experience for its customers accessing the business from multiple sources. More than 2.5 million fans on Facebook are happy to be associated with the brand. #FlyBA is a digital marketing campaign that focuses on developing user generated content online.

#5 Make My Trip

Make My Trip, the travel planner online guide for ticketing and reservations, has diversified its online marketing efforts. From placing internet ads, to email marketing, the team is bent on getting as close as possible to the target market and building on its digital marketing ROI. Their content mix is strategic and appeals to audiences of all genres. Ads with exotic travel destinations are a unique way of enhancing customer engagement. The keywords are used strategically to pitch to customers who travel for different purposes like business, pleasure, education or adventure. The ads for offers are placed on strategic platforms that command the largest share of traffic for the business like social media, search engines and so on. #Travel Pundit is the online representative used by the brand for sales promotion.

#6 Coca Cola

The world famous carbonated drink is advertised by the Coca Cola Company on the internet. Internet based advertising methods include banners, video ads and social media ads. Coca Cola Zero, thel all-new health conscious product from the brand uses the concept of online games like Polar Bears to attract Generation Z. Other famous games played over mobile include the Coca Cola Tapas and Expedition 206. The brand also supports various socio-cultural events and sports over the internet. Blog marketing is another successful strategy employed by the company.

#7 Samsung

Using effective social media and content marketing strategies, the brand has been able to fend off fierce competition. The # Over To You campaign was launched for promoting Galaxy S4s, by influencers like bloggers and sportspeople, wherein they posted shareable content over online videos. Through minisites, apps and blogs, Samsung promotes its brand on a global basis. As part of marketing Galaxy 11, the brand tied by with 13 best footballers of the world, including Lionel Messi.

#8 World Vision

The world famous NGO that supports causes like education and women’s rights uses internet based ads to claim an strong position in online marketing. Blogs with relevant and generic content serve the purposes of educating people on various key issues. Display ads and banner ads are used to rope in potential donors. Multichannel messaging and agency partnerships have made the NGO engage more with its prospective donors and establish its philanthropic values.

#9 Pay TM

Pay TM uses digital marketing to popularize its digital services. Advertising on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram has proven highly beneficial. More than 50K views were generated on YouTube when the famous #PayTM Karo campaign was unleashed. The PayTM wallet that enables people to access, pay and shop using their PayTM balance from anywhere in the world was popularized with mobile marketing. PayTM has been adjudged as the most disruptive digital innovator by NDTV.

#10 American Express

Customer Loyalty is enhanced by the way Amex unleashes internet marketing programs for consistent customers. Amex has tied up with various vendors and service providers to digitize its service offerings. The new digital Pay with Points scheme will boost cardless transactions from customers. Over Foursquare, LinkedIn and Google +, the financial sector mastermind, American express is claiming a lively presence. The @AskAmex campaign in Twitter has been a great success for customer service. The Small Business Saturday Initiative with Facebook was a proven strategy to enhance business relationships with growing businesses.

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