Web agency campaigns are designed to evoke a positive response from your viewers. But how far they actually succeed is a matter of considerable discussion among web professionals. Carrying the debate further, let’s delve deeper into web agency campaigns geared to grow your audience and your business profits and see how the winning brands acquire a competitive edge.

#1 American Express/AMEX Open Forum

A lot of firms  talk a big deal about communities created online and the value of online conversation. Few create a community that really thrives. But Amex is not one of them. American Express, a top brand, has really shown what it means to involve a community by leveraging values provided by industry experts on Open Forum websites. A collaborative website, Open Forum invites guest authors from numerous sectors to share their business wisdom and knowledge.

The result? Amex has acquired a content-heavy mega site popular with all search engines, without shelling out big bucks to content contributors. The way for harnessing the potential of user generated content has been prioritized by this web agency campaign. Finding thought and industry leaders that tap the power of great content and putting their expertise across to support your brand actually works. Excellent content marketing strategies draw on user-generated sources to minimize financial investments and grow online communities.

#2 Wendy’s Nuggs For Carter Campaign

#NuggsForCarter is a Twitter campaign that came from a single tweet from Carter Wilkerson which asked Wendy’s how many retweets were required for a year of free chicken nuggets. While the current total of 3.6 million retweets shows that the power of engaged followers on social media can be a goldmine, it also showcases how large interactions and brand-building opportunities can come out of micro interactions.

#2 MoonPie’s Modern Twitter Voice

MoonPie, a snack pies company, was one of the most successful takers for the social media brand in recent times. It has a strong brand narrative on Twitter. When Hostess announced that its cupcake was the official snack for the 2017 solar eclipse, MoonPie’s nonchalant quip (LOL, OK) garnered over half a million likes and billion impressions across the social media channel.

#4 Burger King: Home of the Whopper

Burger King ran a TV sport that featured a phrase asking Google what a Whopper Burger was. This caused Google Home Device within hearing range for reading aloud from the Whopper Wikipedia page. Google initiated changes to prevent this, but the fast food chain ran a revised version that still caught and triggered devices. People also started editing the Burger King Wikipedia page, which the food chain fixed, launching a viral effect on social media.

#5 Nike: Breaking2

When 3 champion marathon runners attempted to break the 2-hour marathon barrier, Nike, a sports brand along with National Geographic documented the preparation and as well as the event. The sports and fitness brand  profiled the runners, trainers and the entire effort in a comprehensive manner. While runners fell short of their target, the #Breaking2 hashtag by Nike found 400 thousand mentions on social media and the sports brand itself was mentioned 600 thousand times.

#6 Eggo’s Upside Down Tweets

Eggo’s Twitter campaign showcased the immensely popular Netflix series Stranger Things. The tweets which were upside down engaged show creators and fans in exceedingly humorous and witty ways.  It built on the show’s uniquely strange setting. The tweets preserved brand authenticity and ensured key elements of Twitter’s real time platforms were utilised effectively.

#7 Did You Mean MailChimp?

For the Did You Mean MailChimp campaign, MailChimp produced content for 9 properties with names like MailChimp. Around 3 fake trailers were created for ridiculous movies – MailShrimp, JailBlimp and KaleLimp. Additionally, an application called WhaleSynth was launched to create music from whale calls. Additionally, VeilHymn was a music project that spawned a hit single and video. NailChamp was a platform for nail artists to showcase their expertise. Additionally, MaleCrimp and SnailPrimp were beauty platforms. Additionally, a snack from broken potato chips called FailChip was also launched. Additionally, MailChimp designed a paid search campaign so each fake property led back to the authentic brand, MailChimp. The Did You Mean MailChimp campaign introduced the brand to a new audience and grabbed a lot of attention along the way.

#8 Heineken’s Worlds Apart Campaign

Does unity lie in diversity of views and opinions? In the Worlds Apart marketing campaign, beer company Heineken brought strangers with opposing beliefs together. Pairs took on team building activities prior to the disclosure of their opposing viewpoints. Each pair shared a Heineken and their differences during the beer drinking session, too. The primary platform for this campaign was social media giant Facebook, deploying the #OpenYourWorld hashtag. The video saw a total of three million views in just a single week, 50 thousand shares in the first month and an astounding total of 14 million total views.

#9 NYT: The Truth is Hard

The New York Times run a US ad campaign asking what was the way to reach the truth. The campaign reacted to fake news advocated by the Trump campaigners for the presidency election. The campaign used current affairs to engage customers and create a sense of urgency. The YouTube version of this truth centric campaign that boosted brand authenticity saw 16 million views.

#10 Apple: Shot on iPhone

Using #ShotoniPhone, Apple invited users to share iPhone pics on Instagram. The images were later posted on billboards. The user generated content amplified the power of Apple’s core brand. Apple also assembled the clips into an Earth Video with Carl Sagan narrating excerpts from the book Pale Blue Dot – A Vision of Human Future in Space.

Final Word

While trying to create a viral web agency campaign, it is important to look out for content that is user generated. Involving the client in the content creation and brand promotion benefits your brand. Release web agency campaigns to maximise reach. For this, the right timing is critical. This is the key to any useful and viral web marketing agency campaign that powers brands and builds profits.

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